about Manekineko

The manekineko ( まねきねこ ) is thaught to bring good luck to the owner. The figurine depicts a cat "beckoning" with an upright paw. It is usually displayed at the door of restaurants, shops and other little buinesses.

Sometimes sculptures of the Manekineko are electric or battery operated and the upright paw slowly moves back and fourth... Kinda like it's waving.

Sometimes it is also called the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, or fortune cat, however the traditional name, Manekineko means "beckoning cat".

different manekineko meanings

-Left paw raised: invites visitors or in busnises, customers... いらっしゃい

-Right paw raised: invites mony and good fortune... ざい

-Both paws raised: protects home or business... プロテクト

-White neko: stands for goodness and purity... よき

-Black neko: protcts from evil... あく

-Multicolour neko: Luck... ラッキー

-Pink or red neko: brings love and happiness... あい

-Gold neko: invited wealth and prosperity... ふゆう

-neko with coin in paw: invites financial gain... こうしんひよう

-Neko with fish in paw: another invitation to prosperity...