The Swift Boys and Me

By: Kody Kelpinger

The Swift Boys and Me

written by: Kody Kelpinger

published by Scholastic Inc. 2014

ISBN #:978-0-545-70790-9

Genre: Realistic Fiction


The Swift Boys and Me was a very great book full of heart felt moments leaving me in tears or tearing up. The Swift Boys and Me is about Nola who is best friends with her neighbors the swift boys. There is Brain the oldest who is quiet and a great problem solver, Kevin the youngest who will never stop talking, and Canaan the middle he is the ring leader and Nola's best friend. One night the Swift's daddy leaves without saying good-bye to anyone except Nola who gets a wave and she knows that it was more of a good-bye than the buys ever got. After their daddy leaves it destroys their whole family Brain is never around, Kevin is not talking at all, and Canaan is starting to hang out with the neighborhood bullies and is nothing but mean to Nola. When Nola's mama gets engaged Nola finds out they will be moving and then not be neighbors with the swift boys anymore. Nola would do anything to get the boys to where they were before but can she get back together or are they torn apart for good.

The Swift Boys and Me left me in tears at most parts. This was truly my book boyfriend. This book taught me that when things get tough never lose sight of who your real friends are because if they are your real friends, they will be there when you need them most. This is the second time I have read this book and reading it the second time put me through bigger emotions than the first time I read it. This book to me through many twists and turn I didn't see coming and had me surprised in the end. The Swift Boys and me taught me that not all story's have happy endings. I thought that Keplinger had an amazing voice and is great at making the reader really apart of the story and is great at describing emotion. To sum it all up The Swift Boys and Me was an astounding book to read and I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to read it.

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