Moon and Tides

By:Jocelyn and Sierria

Moon phases

There are all types of moon phases.For example,a full moon,first quarter,a third quarter,and last of all a new moon.A lunar eclipse is when the moon is behind the Earth.The solar eclipse is when the Sun,moon,and Earth are lined up.The moon and tides relate because the moon causes the tides.There are predictabal changes among the moon and tides because the moon has a lot of different phases and when there is a new moon you can not see the moon but the tides still accure.There would be no tides without the beautiful moon.


Did you know that there are four different kinds of  tides?Well there are spring tides,neap tides,high tides,and low tides.There are four tides every day.Every six hours there is a certain tide.Gravity causes all tides.A low tide accures far away from the shore and a high tide does happen close to the shore.