State Facts

Louisiana,New Jersey,Texas


capital: Baton Rouge

Nickname: Sportsman's Paradise

Statehood:april 30,1812

State Flower: Louisiana iris

state bird: Brown Pelican

State tree:Bald Cypress

Interesting Facts:

  • The state reptile is the Alligator.
  • The state song is You are my sunshine.
  • Louisiana was named in honer of king louis XIV
Tourist Attractions:
  • Mardigra
  • The Red River
  • State Museum

New jersy


Nickname: Garden State

Statehood: December 18,1787

State Flower: Purple Violet

State bird: Eastern goldfinch

State tree:Northern Red Oak

interesting facts:

  • Has the most complex rode sestem
  • has the tallest water tower in the world
  • Has the first indian resevation
Tourist Attractions:

  • Old barrack museum
  • Liberty science center
  • Sterling hill mining museam


Capital: Austin

Nickname: lone stare state

statehood: December 29,1845

State Flower:Blue bonnet

state bird: mocking bird

state tree: pecan

Interesting Facts:

  • fought the Mexican war
  • was a country
  • the Colorado river runs on the border of Texas
Tourist Attractions:

  • the Alamo
  • blue bell
  • Washington on the Brazos

by: Tanner Lewis