Venice Italy

this is a great vk for the famiy or for a romantic one

i think Venice is full of fun and history.

Venice is made up of 115 tiny islands and it has at least 105 different cannels and over 12 million visitor's flock Venice every year do you want to be one to. Venice Italy was founded in the year 410 or 420 it is all water when it rains it will flood the town. and the best the love pizza and pasta.

to get a great offer to a trip


-may 1-10= $106.00

-June 28-30=$95.85

-September 15-20=$162.05

- October 1-25=$99.64


to venice

lest go to italy

how would you get around

the only way to get around town is by walking or to hale a boat. It is like a taxi on but on water. you most go slow because there stores are on the water and you don't want to make a quake.


the weather is some times rainy, windy, and most of the time it is really sunny. it is always

nice weather.

diffrent foods

there are a lot of different tips of foods in venice I think you should have pizza and spaghetti. the most famous thing is there wine they have great wine.
Italy was built in the 400. Venice is famous for there bridges there are 417 bridges and 72 of them are privet . also Venice has the most narrowest streets in the world. in the year 1607 ten people of the council past a law you must only wear mask in or on a carnival day. there is 177 canals to visit.

main atractions

the main attraction's are the carnivals. but you must watch they have the most prettiest outfits ever so much sparkle, so much glitter.