Innovation In Revision

CPD - PE Department

Hollywood Revision Movies!

The Basics - teach a topic with a large amount of subject knowledge or a topic which could be assessed as a student movie for BTEC/Vocational course. Allow the students to be creative with props/resources or scripts to act out the topic/material learnt. Video record the scenes, pop them to ICT who can put them onto the computer and use iMovie (Mac/iPad) or Windows Movie Maker (PC) to create a short movie [you can do it for them or it can be done as a classroom lesson in one of the ICT rooms or iMac Suite]. Show the movies in class as a teaching tool and allow students to have a copy for revision purposes closer to exam time. Movies can be used as evidence against assessment criteria for BTEC courses at KS4 and KS5. Students are demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the material learnt and also taking control of their own learning. [Personalised].

Hi-Tech Mind Mapping / Revision Posters - Free Accounts Online

Tutorials - How Do I Use The Sites?

Most of the sites above have 'Step by Step' tutorials on their web pages to guide you through their design. They have ready made templates so all you have to do it add in your own information/pictures from the topic your teaching or wanting the students to revise for. It can be as easy or as advanced as you can handle! Students can be set a homework task to sign up to COMIC LIFE and PIKTOCHART for free and complete a revision mind map at home to then print and share with their cohort. The WORDFOTO app on iPads and iPhones requires you or the students to easily create the poster on the device with a picture then send the final word photo to your email account to print off.

Mind Map Innovations - Map / Mark Scheme / Pair Share

Teacher Twitter Account

Setting up a Teacher Twitter Account will allow you to search for those who teach your area of expertise. You can share your ComicLife, Piktochart or WordFoto resources or download and take inspiration from other teachers who have already made their own resources!

@TeacherToolkit is a great place to start following Teaching related posts/ideas.

Search For Inspiration

Using Google Images search the key words above [ComicLife / Piktochart / WordFoto] with a teaching related phrase [e.g. WordPhoto + History] for examples that can be downloaded and may even save you the time of creating your own!