Douglas MacNeille

Leave no Family Behind

When Food Becomes an Art

For this South Carolina lawyer, food has advanced to more than simply survival. For this connoisseur, Douglas MacNeille searches the restaurants of Hiltons Head Island, South Carolina, evaluating the cultural offerings of the foods served, and working to improve their quality. A self-taught cook himself, Douglas makes a hobby out of enjoying the fine dining around his town, looking for the next great bite.

The Different Options of Law Practices

Once law school starts, there are many different paths that lawyers will find that they can choose to focus on. From the statistical company law to the emotionally endearing family law, there are a wide variety of different law practices that a lawyer can focus on to improve their career, increase their expertise, and follow where their passion for jurisprudence takes them. As a career in law begins to develop, finding a particular practice to grow into will help you become more reputable as a lawyer in your community.

For the more quantitative side of law, there lies the practices of business law and estate planning. These law focuses are revolved around money and where it goes, whether it be for the transaction or contract of a business, or the legal requirements that involve a person’s will. These are very intricate, and can be difficult to secure, which requires a lawyer with a very good eye and the ability to communicate between two professional parties.

A more soft-sided, but still professional practice of law involves family law, child support law, and personal injury law. This is more subjective and qualitative portions of jurisprudence, and involves more personal communication between families or the parties of an injury lawsuit. Douglas MacNeille, a South Carolina lawyer with over 35 years of experience, specializes in these three areas of law, because he believes that it helps him understand the need to support and maintain a healthy family. For those who are looking for passionate cases, and challenging mysteries, then these practices are the choices for you.

Culture and its Effect on Your Career

Sometimes people adopt a career with no question as to how or why. They simply take the position, and endure the nine to five each and every day, without ever exploring or going deeper into what makes their industry work the way it does. The difference between those that work without thought and those that question the reality that becomes their career is derived from the knowledge that they have in the culture that they live in. Learning about the culture of your home country and that of other countries will help you become a better-rounded human being, and may even help you feel inspired.

Culture is simply a lifestyle shared by a large community or nation, and while this sounds simple, the complexity that goes into what creates a culture is endless and exciting. Many different pieces of a person’s lifestyle come together to form the cultures that diversifies the countries all over the world. Learning about the different way that people do things can open your eyes to the different ways that you can do things in your career and into your future. With an open mind to change and versatility, you become a culturally versed citizen, and one that can take opportunities that are also culturally versed.

One man’s study of culture was the inspiration the made him the incredible lawyer that he is today. With over 35 years of jurisprudence experience, Douglas MacNeille studied Anthropology and Sociology in his undergraduate years in college, and through these two degrees, he found the cultural inspiration to seek out the human behaviors of American citizens, and how they react to the laws that are created. His successful career continues, and his passion has still not be fully quenched, as he pursues new information that his knowledge of culture has brought to his future.