Academic Skills Boot Camp, Week 4

Here's what we learned Friday, March 4!

What we worked on:

  • We discussed reasons students often do not ask for help in class (don't know teacher, don't feel comfortable, don't know the right time, fear of peer teasing, etc.)
  • We discussed reasons it's important to ask teachers and adults for help (to get questions answered right away, to not fall behind, to build relationships with teachers, etc.)
  • We generated a list of good times to asks teachers for help (raising hand in class, seeing a teacher before/after/during class, etc.)
  • We role-played tough situations in which asking for help is needed (sick the previous day, didn't understand a concept, etc.)

How you can help at home:

  • Ask your student how he or she felt role-playing- many of them felt uncomfortable at first (due to my amazing acting, ha), but found good ways to get through it!
  • Ask your student what time they feel confident to ask adults for help, and remind them to do it as needed.

Next week's lesson: Keeping track of assignments