Dietary guide lines

Period 7-3/10/15

What do dietary guidelines do for American's

A disease precursor associated with a higher than average morbidity or mortality rate. Disease precursors include demographic variables,certain individual behaviors, familial and individual histories, and certain physiologic changes.

food and drink regularly provided or consumed

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs

Your age,Your sex,Your metabolism,and your genetic blue print

(of food) relatively rich in nutrients for the number of calories contained


How to maintain a healthy weight

Something that increases risk; especially : something that makes a person more likely to get a particular disease or condition.

Diabetes,high blood pressure,and heart attacks

malnutrition,lack of energy,and not enough nutrients

exercise and diet

suggestions for being active everyday

live longer,and a healthy life

60 minutes everyday

get involved with a team sport or a individual sport

Importance of whole grains,fruits,vegetables,and milk

nutrient rich,Cholesterol free,and low on fats

heart disease and cancer

Drink yogurt smoothies and eat fruit instead of sweets

How to limit fats and cholestral

Trans and saturated fats

Heart Disease

Eat foods that are mad with little or no fats

Be choosy about carbonhydrates

Nutrient rich food and milk

Candy and soft drinks

because you could get diabetes

Why reduce sodium and increase potassinam

It helps control body fluids.

high blood pressure

It helps counteract sodium effects on blood pressures

Avoid alcohol

Because it can make them violent also because they can start having emotional problems,also they can mess with their dependency

Why is food safety and important part of the dietary guidelines

Because every body needs to know how to eat right