Team CuteNails Newsletter

News and Recognition for March 2014

We had our highest Team Retail Volume (TRV) this month!

I am so excited to announce that our Team Retail Volume this month was.... wait for it.... 6909! This is by far the highest we had all year. In addition, we had a total of 8 active legs with a total of 12 team members selling over 200 Personal Retail Volume (PRV) this month! This means that 12 members on our team earned at LEAST an additional 3% bonus check this month! That is amazing and I can't help but think how blessed I am with this amazing team! Way to Jam Ladies!!

Selling Star!

Jenn Brower was amazing this month! She worked her business from every angle. She contributes her over 1000 PRV this month to "A party set to go day 1 with a hostess that LOVED her jams and spread the word."

The key to a great party and awesome sales is a great hostess and amazing hostess coaching! Awesome job Jenn! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to Jamberry Nails!

Stellar Sales

Recruting Star!

Congratulations to Kelly Garza-Stubelt she was our recruiting star for March! She added 2 members to her team all before the 15th of the month!

Kelly says, "both of them came to my party and then approached me." When I asked her about her typical recruiting talk at parties, she stated, " I offer the information about my experience. They fall in love with the products!" Way to share the opportunity Kelly!

The key recruiting is to share the opportunity with everyone! Some people just need to be asked if they want to sell, others approach you about Jamberry before you get a chance to ask them! Above all, I find it better to be genuine in your conversation and share what you love about the company!

Welcome New Members!

I am humbled to think of how in just one short year, Team CuteNails has grown from a team of 1 (me) to an amazing 38 members! I love how Jamberry Nails gives us the opportunity to meet new people and find new friends. This month, Team CuteNails added 5 new members! Kelly Garza added 2 to her team and I added 3 to my frontline! Meet those new members!

Team CuteNails Info Form

To better serve you, please take a moment to fill out the form below if you haven't already. I love to know all about you and get a little insight on how better to coach you be as successful as you can. Thank you to all who have already previously filled it out.

Team CuteNails Information Form

Facebook Group Pages

If you are already on Facebook, but not yet part of the the team page or other pages that can help you out in your Jamberry journey, please feel free to add yourself or request admission to the pages (some may be set to private or secret). Below is the page and a short description of how it is useful.

Team CuteNails- Jamberry Nails Independent Consultants This is our main team page, I post challenges, incentives, tips and motivation for my immediate frontline and their team members.

Team Manicure Makeover-
This is Michelle Bernstein Selken's team page, she is our Team Manager and my sponsor. She is a great resource and excellent source of motivation.

Jam Squad- Lori Buckle's Jamberry Nail Team- This is Lori Buckle's group. Lori is our Premier Executive and like Michelle, an excellent source of information, tips, motivation and support.

Jamberry Documents and Pictures- This group is a "Li-berry" of sorts where consultants post pictures of Jamberry Nails on real hands. These images are free to use on your Facebook pages and other social media, unless otherwise specified. However, not all photos are complaint with Jamberry Home Office, so make sure to review the policies and procedures manual or ask when you are in doubt.

Jamberry Nails Consultants
- This is the main page for Jamberry Nails Consultants. Members must be verified by home office as consultants prior to being added to the group. This group is monitored by the home office and had a wealth of information.

I'm brining the National Conference Training to a city near you!

I will be attending the Jamberry National Conference from June 19th-22nd. There is still time to register if you would like to attend. The conference will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you would like to register, click here.

For those who will not be able to attend, have no fear! I will be taking notes and bringing the information to YOU! I have planned Regional Trainings in Texas and for our out of Texas consultants, I have planned a conference call and will be mailing you all the information.

Dates are set, time and location will be announced soon!
July 5, 2014- San Antonio, Texas

July 10, 2014- El Paso, Texas
July 21, 2014- Conference Call for out of town consultants

July 26, 2014- Dallas, Texas

Please take a few minutes to sign up for the regional trainings here. I would like to get a headcount of how many consultants to expect and make sure I will have enough materials for you all. We can add an opportunity meeting to these dates as well, please make sure to register your potential new members here.

Mark your Calendars!

Contact ME!

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, successes or complaints!