Raise awareness

"At first, I was shocked. I was screaming in despair and sadness,"

This is just one way one person feels about terrorism and what they did to Paris.

Terrorism issues

Terrorism is a big issue in today's society.

Not all muslims are terrorist

We as human beings are very judgmental. We think since a Muslim did a very bad thing that all Muslims are like that, going around doing bad things.

Kill people to get their point across.

They are holding hostages and killing people to say they are serious and they aren't playing around. There is evidence of them cutting of American journalists heads for no reason.

Doing whatever they have to do to get attention from the world

Terrorists are going around blowing things up to show that they will do anything to get what they want. 9/11 would be a great example because it obviously got our attention.

Terrorism problem

There are many problems coming from terrorists that can't be fixed. We can not make them stop what they are doing because they want to take over. They will what ever they can to get what they want.

They are getting bigger

ISIS is getting bigger in size and is spreading all over the world. They are getting young kids to be apart or their rival and training them to kill.

How to raise awareness

We need to raise awareness to tell people this is no laughing matter.

To convince people that not all muslims are terrorists.

By telling and showing people that not all Muslims are are terrorist it may just make the issue of terrorism decrease. We need to come together and help fight this. If a christian went and killed someone, would you think all of them are bad?