Anthony Horowitz

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Anthony was 23 years of age when he published his first book Enter Frederick K. Bower. The book Skeleton Key was given Red House Children because children voted for it. Anthony made a movie about his book series Alex Rider. Anthony works in the UK. Anthony has written 35 books.

Anthony was a writer and creator of a award winning drama series Foyle’s War.

Anthony Horowitz was born in April 5 1955. Anthony is a English novelist and screenwriter.


When Alex’s guardian dies in a weird way he then soon finds himself being forced to work for the organization that got his guardian killed. Alex’s training is with the SAS. After his training he is sent off for his first mission to Cornwall to check out Herod Sayle and see what his computers really are. What does the organization the Alex works with know about Herod Sayle that the public doesn’t? Will Alex uncover something and be executed for this? Read the book Stormbraker to find out more!

Ark Angel

Whos in the hospital? Alex is in the hospital, But when he gets out m16 once again sends him on another mission. Alex was forced to go because it was eco-terrorist break ins. Now he is caught up trying to stop the revolutionary space hotel. Will he be able to save this magnificent hotel, or will it forever be lost? Read the book Ark Angel to find more clues to uncover the mystery.

Point Blanc

Alex is back! MI6 has something new for their good old operative Alex Rider. Alex was getting used to school and homework once again and then MI6 needs him to infiltrate the expulsive school for rebellious rich kids Point Blanc. Alex has come prepared with a false name and cool new toys. What is different with this school than most others? What is Alex doing there to start with? Read the book Point Blanc to find more information.
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