Taylor Nixt

Seine River

Physical Characteristics of the Seine River.

Location- It flows in a north-westerly direction through Troyes, Melun, Corbeil, Paris, Mantes and Rouen, and finally into the English Channel between Le Havre and Honfleur.

Size- 776 km Long,

Characteristics- As you proceed north-west from the Burgundian city towards the source, you become aware of an extraordinary geological compression that has created along, narrow open area to be situated on each side of or on one side of, by a huge,

long, steep slope. Once beyond this, the landscape flattens and the Seine takes shape.

Human Geography of the Seine River

  1. Use of Olympics (Rowing).
  2. A site used for many of suicides and disposal of bodies of murder victims.
  3. Gaulish Language.
  4. Tourism.
  5. Agriculture.
  6. Fishing (37species of fish).
  7. The population density is 201 people per sq. kilometer.
  8. Some Sewage System Failure.
Paris Bridges & Paris river Seine

Human/Physical Geography Connection

The connection between human and physical geography on my topic is that many people in this area count on agriculture, livestock, many of tourists, and the people that lived there before.