LV Intermediate Parent Newsletter

February 8, 2019

Upcoming Events...

February 13 UIL Awards during lunch periods

February 14 Valentine's Day Parties

February 18 Student Holiday - No Classes

February 19 Grade 4 Writing Benchmark and Grade 5 Math Benchmark

February 20 Fifth Grade Reading Benchmark

Reaching for the Stars...Believe It to Achieve It!

YEARBOOK ORDERS--Please order a yearbook to support our school

It's that time of year, again! Keep those precious 2018-19 memories alive for your child with our second annual Lago Vista Intermediate School Yearbook. They are only $20 and are available for purchase online:

School Code: 13169319

Paper order forms are available in the front office, and they have gone home in Wednesday Folders.

Yearbook sales is one of the very few fundraisers that we have at the Intermediate campus. Please help by purchasing a yearbook. WE HAVE ONLY SOLD 51 SO FAR. We exceeded our goal of 95 books sold last year, and would love to see that happen again! Our goal this year is 100.


The vast majority of our students with excessive absences fail to pass their classes. Students need to be at school everyday.

Our school wide attendance goal for this year is 98%. Our state funding is based on the percentage of students at school at 10:00 am every day. Higher attendance rate = more money for resources for your student.

For students who miss school, here is some very important attendance information:

  • 3 or more unexcused absences in a 4 week period - warning letter sent home, phone conference with at-risk coordinator and attendance improvement plan.
  • 5 or more unexcused absences in a 6-week period - warning letter sent home, phone conference with administrator, attendance behavior plan reviewed.
  • 7 or more unexcused absences in an 8-week period - warning letter sent home and Behavior Intervention Plan meeting called with the parents, student, and assistant principal.
  • 10 or more unexcused absences in a 6 month period - truancy charges are filed. Parent, student and school administrator will be summoned to appear in truancy court.

Attendance for This Week

Grade 4 93.46%

Grade 5 92.69%

Total 93.06%

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Notes from the Nurse

We're still dealing the 2019 Flu-Mageddon but don't forget there are still other illnesses that might need a doctor's attention.

Reminder about our Re-Do Policy

Please remember that your student brings home graded work in the Wednesday folder each week. Please review that work and encourage your child to correct and return any work that received a grade below 79. Your child is also schedule a time with his/er teacher to correct tests.

From the Student Handbook

Re-do/Re-test Policy (Grades 4-5)

We encourage students to use feedback provided by grades by reflecting on their mistakes

and using it to improve their understanding of concepts being assessed. Please understand

that the re-do/re-test option is not a free pass for students not to study or to turn in carelessly

completed work. In order for a student to have this opportunity, they must do something to

show the teacher that they are committed to improving their performance. This might include

additional time with the teacher, extra practice assignments, or making corrections on

previously completed work. A student may earn up to a 79% on a re-test or re-do of an

assignment. Students may not redo daily grades for which they received a zero.

Daily Grades

1. Students who receive a 79% or lower on a daily assignment will have one opportunity to

re-do an equivalent assignment, as determined by the teacher, for a maximum grade of

79%. Students may not re-do assignments for which they received a zero due to not

completing or turning it in.

2. Students must initiate the process to re-do an assignment. Emailed requests from

parents to re-do an assignment will not be accepted. Handwritten parent notes presented

to the teacher by the student will be accepted in Grades 2-5. The ultimate goal is to

create learners who are able to be effective self-advocates.

3. Students must complete the “re-do” assignment in the calendar week after the

failing grade was earned. (For example, whether a student earns a failing grade on

Tuesday or Friday, they must complete the re-test by the end of the following week. This

is the case, even in the event of “short” weeks containing fewer than 5 days.)

4. Assignments may be given as a home assignment or redone at school. The teacher will

determine which option is most appropriate for each assignment.

5. A student may earn up to a 79% on their re-do of the assignment.

6. A student may not earn a grade lower than the original grade.

Counselor's Corner

The week of February 4-8, 2019 was National School Counseling Week. This was a time to share the function of the school counselor and to celebrate with stakeholders. Student and teachers were treated as my appreciation for collaboration in student success. I appreciate the opportunity to work with students, parents and staff!


BIG shout out to Mrs. Katie Shoaf and her wonderful mom, Pama Monfries! They brought Project VInatta’s vision to life with this beautiful “Be KInd” mural. Watch for the additions (compliments) to be added to the mural, in the coming weeks. Mrs. Katie Coffey and Mrs. Gumbert are proud of our Project VInatta student coalition! Their hard work is paying dividends! We have heard many compliments and truly appreciate all the contributions.

In guidance we are learning about fairness. We played a charades to show that different treatment can be fair. Ex. Younger brother needs a stool to brush his teeth but we don’t need one. Or, older brother may have a later bedtime, but he probably had one like ours when he was in 4/5th grade. We are making good connections for our future success when we practice character skills.

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