Twitter Chat


Twitter Chat Formula

We will follow the standard Twitter chat formula (Q1, A1; Q2, A2) where the moderator will first ask a question such as:

Q1: What is the name of the Groveport Madison mascot? #gmadchat

The way you would answer would look something like this:

A1: Cruiser #gmadchat

NOW...IMAGINE that the questions are related to our topic! Your answers will be infinitely more insightful!!

Be sure and add #gmadchat in your responses so they will filter through to all of us.


I am so excited to interact with all of you! We may just be the only district in Franklin County working together from the comfort of our own homes!

You are amazing!!! Thank you!

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Search for #gmadchat

When you log on to Twitter, go to the search (magnifying glass) area. Type in #gmadchat, and all of the Tweets for our chat will appear and continue to stream. You may have to refresh every once in a while, but this will keep just our chat streaming to your device.