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Mrs. Carreon's 4th Grade Class

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Beginning today, students will now be given the coming weeks' homework on FRIDAYS. This does not mean the homework is due earlier, it is still due the following Friday. This is just to give you some extra time to complete it. If your weekdays are as busy as mine, then you may appreciate using some weekend time to get a head start. With the changes the rotations bring, homework is changing as well and may increase so hopefully this extra time will help. Please DO NOT feel feel your child has "weekend homework". You are NOT obligated to do it over the weekend, only if you choose to get started on it early. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.



There is another Achieve 3000 article assigned to our nightly homework in place of reading log. This is to reinforce the skills we are simultaneously practicing in class in order to increase our Lexile Levels . Please note, this article DOES NOT take the place of the 2 Achieve 3000 articles they are required to do per week as homework ON THE COMPUTER. Students will do a total of 3 articles per week (1 that is printed and attached to homework, and 2 online). The printed article will be broken up as follows:

(Mon) Day 1: Read and annotate the article (using close reading marks)

(Tue) Day 2: Activity questions #1-4

(Wed) Day 3: Activity questions #5-8

(Th) Day 4: Thought question using the R.A.C.E. model

An example of the Achieve article we did together this week was sent home in homework folder today. Please refer to it for proper annotating and constructed response using the R.A.C.E. model.

*Please note there were many students who did not annotate their article correctly in this weeks homework. Students are not to just underline information, they are expected to find the main idea, circle words they do not know, write their thoughts in the margins, provide a brief summary of each paragraph in the margins (one or two words), write notes about what they are reading and what connections they are making while reading. Annotating is the way students can make sense of the text in their own words.


Attached to the homework is the information needed for the speech that students must have it written by Thursday, February 5th. You will find the prompt, rules, important information on how students will be scored and a graphic organizer.


ALL students MUST write and give a speech in class. The site competition is OPTIONAL. Written speech is due Thursday, February 5th and speeches will be given in our class competition on Friday, February 6th. One student from each 4th grade class will be chosen from the class competition to participate in the school competition at The Speech Competition Assembly on February 12th from 9:00-10:30. The district competition will take place February 25th. (More information to follow.) If you would like your child to participate in the competition, please let me know ASAP so that I may help prepare. Students will have time to practice and share their speech with their peers and Mr. Riggs (writing teacher) for feedback and receive instruction on speech writing but the speech should be written at home. Please see the form below for more information and the links at the bottom to hear some great speeches. Possible topics could include: public education and implementation of visual and performing arts & music, global warming, alternative energy, CA drought.

Jump Rope for Heart

Today we kicked off Jump Rope for Heart. Wolf Canyon is dedicating the next 2 weeks for raising funds for the American Heart Association to fund research and educational materials to lower the risks of heart disease and stroke. We are hoping each student can raise/donate $5 in the envelope sent home today. Please see flier in homework folder for more information. Our school wide event will take place Friday, February 6th. Thank you for your support!
Jump Rope For Heart 2014-15: Those Wacky Lifesaver Ducks


Seeing as Mrs. Sulllivan, our Science teacher, has been out due to a family matter, students are being asked to create their Rocks and Minerals project display board at home. REMINDER: this is the same Rocks and Minerals PowerPoint students completed before we went on break. Students just need to print their PowerPoint and create/decorate display boards. If your child so chooses, they may create a Science Fair Project or Experiment and present it on a display board instead of Rocks & Minerals display board (they are NOT required to do both). This experiment is to be conducted at home. A note went home today with more information. All projects are due Thursday, January 29th for our Science & Technology Night regardless of while option is chosen. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Visit the multipurpose room to see Science display boards first and then visit our class to see what optical illusions we have come up with.


Thursday, Jan. 29th, 5:30-6:30pm

1950 Wolf Canyon Loop

Chula Vista, CA

Having difficulty understanding Common Core Math? Then this workshop is for YOU! Rochelle Carroll from CVESD will be here to help the parents of students in grades 3-6. I strongly encourage you to attend this great opportunity!



8:45-9:00 Morning School Meeting

9:00-9:30 Independent Reading/Reading Conferences (with Mrs. Carreon)

9:30-10:30 Guided Reading Groups (with Mrs. Carreon)

10:30-10:50 Rotation #1 begins (Math/Writing/SS/Science/P.E.)

10:50-11:05 Recess

11:05-12:00 Rotation #1 continues (Math/Writing/SS/Science/P.E.)

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-2:00 Rotation #2 (Math/Writing/SS/Science/P.E.)

2:00-3:15 Rotation #3 (Math/Writing/SS/Science/P.E.)

3:15 Dismissal


8:45-9:00 Morning School Meeting

9:00-10:00 Independent Reading/Reading Conferences & Guided Reading

10:00-10:50 Rotation #1 (Math/Writing/SS/Science/P.E.)

10:50-11:05 Recess

11:05-12:00 Rotation #2 (Math/Writing/SS/Science/P.E.)

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-1:45 Rotation #3 (Math/Writing/SS/Science/P.E.)

1:45 Dismissal

*Library/Computer Lab-Monday (9:00-10:00)

*Music-Thursdays (9:00-9:50)


Please don't forget your recorders on THURSDAYS for music.

Rotation Breakdown

Our class will be divided amongst Mrs. Kolodziej, Mr. Riggs, and Mrs. Sullivan's 4th grade classrooms. Our class will rotate with that class all throughout the day to each teacher, essentially becoming an extension of that class. Subject areas for Quarter 3 are taught by the following teachers:

Mrs. Kolodziej & Mrs. Carreon (305/706) : Math*

Mr. Riggs (306) : Writing

Mrs. Sullivan (307) : Science/Social Studies/P.E. (20 minutes a day)

*When students rotate for math, Mrs. Kolodziej and I will be splitting up the students. Most of my class will remain with me and a few will go Mrs. Kolodziej.


Group K

Angelina, Eli, J.J., Michael

Rotation #1: 306 (Writing)

Rotation #2: 307 (Science/SS/P.E.)

Rotation #3: 305/706 (Math)

Group R

Kevin, Venetia, Izabelle, Hannah, A.J.

Rotation #1: 307 (Science/SS/P.E.)

Rotation #2: 305/706 (Math)

Rotation #3: 306 (Writing)

Group S

Hunter, Zach, Bernard, Darian

Rotation #1: 305/706 (Math)

Rotation #2: 306 (Writing)

Rotation #3: 307 (Science/SS/P.E.)


The W.C. PTA is currently holding their 2015 membership drive. Student membership is only $5 and adult membership is $10. Help them reach their goal of 400 members and you could win an iPad mini. Full color yearbook advertisements are also being sold. Please see the forms sent home last week for more information.


Any questions or concerns? You may contact me at:

(619) 428-8877 ext. 696457


If you find the common core math difficult, please use the link below to receive some parent help on the math we are currently doing in class.


Math: Solve long division problems using the area model, multiply two-digit numbers using area model and place value chart.

Reading: Determine the main idea of the text and explain how it is supported using key details.

Writing: Speech format and narrative writing.

Social Studies: Growth and development of California.

Science: Rapid changes on earth, earthquakes and volcanoes.


Yearbooks are on sale now through February 27 and all orders must be placed ONLINE ONLY for $36.00. THE SCHOOL CODE IS 11854015. Any orders after the pre-sale period will cost $50 and will only be available for order through March 20th. Click the PTA link below for information on how you can buy advertising space in the yearbook.


Feb. 5th: Speech due

Feb. 6th: Class speeches given in class
Feb. 6th: Jump Rope for Heart

Feb. 10th: Spring picture day

Feb. 12th: Speech Competition Assembly

Feb. 13th: NO SCHOOL-Lincoln's Birthday

Feb. 16th: NO SCHOOL-Washington's Birthday

Feb. 20th: Dancing With Wolves School Dance @2:00

Melanie Jimenez - 1st Place - 5th Grade Speech Competition

Keyboarding Skills Practice

Your child has been set up with an account with Please log in and have them practice keyboarding skills throughout the week.