The Dragon Blast

June 2021 - New Palestine Music & Performing Arts

Welcome to my first attempt at the Dragon Blast. Alan has been educating me on the process but please provide any feedback or suggestions you may have. I am excited to take on this role supporting the New Palestine Band program. Although I am not well versed at "Dad Jokes" I am thinking about sharing my tips to further embarrass your teenagers. I know not a difficult topic...

We have many items to share with you as Summer begins. I will also communicate with you in-between Dragon Blast publications as time sensitive items arise.

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In this edition:

  • Indy 500 Gift Shop Thank YOU!
  • Snowie Indy Days
  • Mozzi's Benefit Day - June 23rd
  • May 26th Meeting Follow-Up Items
  • Smokin' Barrel Night Out - July 9th
  • Marching Winds, Percussion, Color Guard Calendars
  • Fundraisers / Archives

Stay Involved - Stay Safe - & Stay in the Arts!

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New Palestine High School

June 14th - 24th: Marching Band Rehearsals Begin

**June 14th Snowie Indy Snow Cones will be onsite after rehearsal, 8:00pm - 9:30/10pm

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Thank You Indy 500 Volunteers!

Thank You to all of the volunteers that made the IMS Gift Shop opportunity a success! Please keep your eyes open for information on volunteer opportunities at the Brickyard 400 in August.

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Congratulations Layla Spencer!

Layla was the top overall seller for chocolate and won the honor of smashing a pie in Mr. Carney's face at the NPHS Bands Spring Concert.

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Snowie Indy Days ... Beat the heat

Snowie Indy with be onsite at the end of rehearsal on the following dates.

Monday June 14th - 8pm - 9:30/10pm

Thursday July 22nd - 6pm - 7:30/8pm.

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Mozzi's Benefit Day

All-Day....Wednesday, June 23, 2021

When paying for your purchase, you must present the attached flyer and Mozzi’s Pizza will donate 20% of your purchase to the New Palestine Band.

Carry-Out, Dine-In and Delivery

2221 W. Main St.

Greenfield 317-462-2999

1282 N. State St. Greenfield


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May 26th Meeting Follow-up Items

Thank you to all of you who were able to make it to our meeting on Wednesday night. It was exciting to talk about fall 2021 with everyone AND talk about the trip we have planned for April of 2022. Several attachments were sent to you via email including an informational packet, fee sheet and several forms that will need to be completed and returned when we see your children next. In addition, if you have not yet completed the Google Form that asked for your child's graduation year, please do that ASAP by clicking here. That google form is relevant to every member of our program now, not just marching band students. If you've already filled it out either at the meeting or via the link in the Facebook group, there is no need to do so again.

Please take an opportunity to review the calendars linked below. June 14th Marching Band Rehearsals begin!

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NPBB Smokin' Barrel Night Out - July 9th

Come on over to Smokin' Barrel BBQ to enjoy some GREAT food and support the New Palestine Band! Friday July 9th from 4:00 - 7:00.
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Current & On Going Fundraisers

Do you, or someone you know WASH CLOTHES/DISHES?

Detergent & more D5 Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

5-gallon laundry detergent, 5-gallon fabric softener, Dishwasher tabs or Pods

These make a GREAT gift. :)

(example: buy a $45 laundry detergent... $15 is applied to a students account!)

Trash Bag D5 Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

We offer 13-gallon, 18 gallon, 29-gallon, and 55-60 gallon trash bags.

These are GOOD quality bags. Better than what you're buying at the hardware stores.

(example: buy a $14 roll of bags... $5 goes towards a students account!)

On the 10th of each month, Laundry Detergent orders are due. You can send in an order anytime to our Fundraising Coordinator at and just be aware that it will typically be ready during the 2nd week or so of the each month. For more information, or to place an order for D5, contact NPBBfundraising.

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SCRIP Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

We have partnered with the SCRIP fundraising activity which rewards you for buying almost anything.

Shop at Kohls? (fundraising!) Shop at Best Buy?? (fundraising!!) Eat at BW3's or Wendy's? (Fundraising!!) Do you or someone you know BUY GAS?? Yep.. gas, too.

There are currently over 750 stores that participate.

How it works:

You pick a store & buy a gift card. ($10.. $20..$50.. any amount)

You receive the gift card, and your student account receives the rebate!

Each retailer has a set rebate & some are higher than others.

Lets say you need a new refrigerator. You buy a $500 gift card through SCRIP from Home Depot (yep, they're on there too). Home Depot may have a 4% SCRIP rebate going on. Your band account receives $20 and you get the $500 to buy your fridge.

Get it?? Pretty cool, eh?

Reminder: Orders are submitted on the 1st of every month.

For more info on SCRIP, or for help getting started, contact

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Speedrome and Circle City Raceway Fundraising Opportunity

Did you know students and parents can earn money for their student accounts ($10 per hour!) by working at the Speedrome or Circle City Raceway in 2021? . Pay rate is $10/hr for ALL positions. Kids 10/up can do trash cleanup with an adult. Kids 14/up can work drink stations. Follow these links to schedule your shift!

Circle City Raceway 2021 sign up link

Indianapolis Speedrome 2021 sign up link

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