OVS Weekly Update

March 30, 2018 Edition, Volume 68

Mark Your Calendars!

Learning Coach Training:

April 3-5th: Re-registration Refresher

Math Club Mondays: April 2nd Math Club is back!!!! Join LIVE from home for a LC training offered by Lisa Holland, from OPS, called Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks.

Other Important dates

Friday April 20th: Storm Chasers Game @ 7:05

Tailgate in the parking lot at 5:45pm

Tickets are $10 and proceeds benefit OVS
Once you purchase your tickets, you will be able to pick them up at the front desk.

Instructional Dates:

Friday, April 13th: No online lessons-Teacher work day

Friday, April 20th: No online lessons- OVS staff attending NETA conference

Friday, May 4th: No online lessons- Staff Professional development day

Principal's Corner

NSCAS State Testing--DONE!

Our 3rd-8th grade students completed the NSCAS Summative state test this week! The NSCAS Summative is a new computer-based adaptive assessment replacing NeSA that is built from Nebraska’s College and Career Ready standards. It adapts dynamically based on each student’s ability, challenging top performers without overwhelming students whose skills are below grade level.

Results from the spring 2018 administration will be available in the fall of 2018. Starting in 2019, results will be available shortly after the close of the testing window, giving parents and educators valuable information about student performance ahead of the next school year.

Learn more about the NSCAS Summative assessment at: https://www.education.ne.gov/assessment/nscas-system/

Re-registration for 2018-19 School Year

As it is approaching the end of the year, it is time to complete your re-registration for the 2018-19 school year. Re-registration is the process by which K12 asks every student, who is active during the current school year, to state their enrollment intentions for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. You will have to select the option that fits your enrollment decision at this time. Your options to choose from are: Re-registering, Not re-registering, or Undecided.

The re-registration portal will open on March 22nd and will be open until the last day of school (May 25th).

How do I re-register my students? Learning coaches will see a link to the Re-Registration portal on the Learning Coach Landing page when they login (see image below). Once you have selected your option for re-registration, you will be asked to verify all contact information through MyInfo to make sure the address and phone number are correct.

There will be further information available at school in the coming weeks. During the week of April 3-5th we will go over this during Learning Coach training to answer questions.

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Kindergarten Round Up This Week!!!!!

Invite any potential new Kindergartner for the 2018-19 School year to our Kindergarten Round-up. Fliers will be available during Face-to-Face to hand out to family and friends. Students will get to experience a shortened day while parents will participate in an information session with testimonials from Kindergarten parents. There will also be available curriculum materials to view what coursework the student will be utilizing.

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Kindergarten Round-Up Registration HERE

Register HERE if you are planning to attend Kindergarten Round-up. Pass this link along to any family and friends with a Kindergartner for the 2018-19 school year.

Upcoming Information Sessions

Pass Along to Anyone Interested in Learning about OVS

Come experience how Omaha Virtual School(OVS) combines the best of online education with the best of traditional schooling. We invite prospective students (Kindergarten through 10th grade) and their families to join us on for information sessions on the 2018-19 school year at our school at 4640 S 59th St, Omaha, NE 68117.

Each session will provide an opportunity to speak with staff and ask questions. Also, you will be provided an overview of the school and information on starting enrollment.

Upcoming Information Sessions:

· April 9th at 12:00 p.m.

· April 18th at 3:30 p.m.

· April 23rd at 9:00 a.m.

· May 2nd at 1:00 p.m.

· May 18th at 9:00 a.m.

· May 23rd at 4:00 p.m.

Volunteers needed for the event to provide curriculum, share their experience and help to answer questions!

Curriculum Night (This information sessions allows parents to view the curriculum materials for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies)

· May 9th at 3:30 p.m. for Kindergarten-8th grade

OVS 360 Experience (This information sessions offers a panel of students, teachers and parents’ perspective on their experience with OVS)

· May 10th at 4:00 p.m. for 9th and 10th grade

o Address for this event is 5300 N 30th St, Building 10, Omaha NE 68111

· June 7th at 4:30 p.m. for Kindergarten-8th grade

Synergy Corner

Game Night: Thank you for everyone attended! It was a great turn out and we hope to continue doing next year. Our prize winners for the raffle are: Livia Green, Mercy Diaz, Ziv Blair, Elise Rhoads! You can pick up your prizes in the office! Missed out on getting a game? Take your OVS badge into Learning HQ and they will give you 20% off. Learning HQ is located at 2932 S 84th St.

OVS T-shirts Available: We still have grey and blue t-shirts available for sale. There are limited sizes and quantities. The blue shirts are $10 and the grey shirts are $17. Here is what is available:

  • Blue Shirt: Youth Medium (2) and Youth Large (1)
  • Grey Shirt: Youth Small (3), Medium (3) and Large (5), Adult Small (2) and Adult Medium (2)

Friday April 20th: Storm Chasers Game
Game Starts at 7:05pm

Tailgate in the parking lot at 5:45pm

Tickets are $10 and proceeds benefit OVS

Tickets can be purchased at the link below or with Brooke at the front desk

Once you purchase your tickets, you will be able to pick them up at the front desk.

Quarter 3 Perfect Attendance Winner

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Classroom Happenings

Art with Ms Barry

Coming up in K-5 Art:

  • Students will participate in Art during their Face to Face time the week of April 3rd-5th.
  • The next Drop in Art Time with Ms. Barry is April 17th-19th.

Ms. Roger's Classroom

I hope you were able to get a lot of work done this week!! Please be sure that you finish your Study Island assignment from Monday and your Exit Ticket from Friday's online lesson.

Looking Ahead:

We will have Art this week!
I will be finishing up completing running records with students this week. I was not able to get to everyone last time. The Ramona book club will be meeting, we need to finish our book!!

Online we talked about measuring and comparing lengths, please take some time to talk about things around the house and have students describe the length of the two objects. I will be working with 1st grade on reviewing double digit addition and subtraction. Kindergarten students will be focusing on position words, i.e. under, below, above, etc.

We will be looking at a new online resource, when we do this we are going to be talking about the type of information it takes to create an account on a website, which information is ok to give and what is not. I will be emailing you a Family Tip Sheet if you want to continue the discussion at home.

We will have Math Club on Monday! I hope to see you there!

Ms. Rogers Skill Support Sign Up

Mr. Dowling's Classroom

Week in Review:
Wow! What a week! We finished up our testing! Time to get back to business as usual.

Looking Ahead:
Your child should have been working on their book project for Lit. Circles. Please make sure they don’t wait until the last minute. We will be hanging these projects in the back of the room on a bulletin board. I want them to feel proud of their hard work. We have 3 students who are finishing the book Little House on the Prairie. They will be working on their book project this week in class.

I hope you have ordered and received the next book for 4th quarter. As a class we are only reading 2 books this quarter. You will either be reading Henry Huggins or Balto. With our book projects getting pushed back, we will not be discussing these books this week but we will be assigning reading from them. If they want to bring them to class, that would be great, but not necessary.

We will have Math Club on Monday! Only 3 more weeks of Math Club. I hope to see you here!

Mr. Dowling Skill Support Schedule Sign up

Ms. Nommensen's Classroom

Testing went so smoothly! Thank you to everyone for your flexibility and understanding to get this all done! Our field trip to Homestead National Monument was amazing and we all had a wonderful time! We learned so much and truly enjoyed the opportunity to go! Just a reminder that any student that is a 4th grader gets an annual pass to all National Parks this year! That’s an $80 value! Go to a National Park and get that free pass to explore the country!

Mr. Gamble's Classroom

Week in Review:
Students took the Nebraska State Assessment in ELA and Math. All students did an outstanding job putting forth their best effort.

Looking Ahead:
In class we will work on varied math concepts from their curriculum involving real-world math.

  • Fundamentals: Read and interpret data represented on statistical graphs. (Lesson 9.02 – Statistical Graphs)
  • PreAlgebra: Identify how two events are mutually exclusive and find their probability. (Lesson 9.12 – Mutually Exclusive Events)
  • Algebra: Identify a translation and model it through movement. (Lesson 9.02 – Translations)
  • Algebra 1: Calculate and factor monomials and polynomials. (Module 4: Polynomials)
  • Geometry: Identify trigonometric ratios and special right triangles (Module 4: Trigonometry)


  • Fundamentals: Math is Fun has explanations, models, and practice on the various graphs.
  • PreAlgebra: Math is Fun has models, sample problems, explanations on mutually exclusive events.
  • Algebra: IXL has practice problems, examples, and explanations of coordinate translations.
  • Algebra 1: Math Is Fun - Discusses operating and simplifying polynomials. Offers sample problems with solutions and vocabulary related to the topic.
  • Geometry: Math Is Fun - Discusses trigonometry in depth with examples, models, and practice problems.

Weekly Online Math Lessons:
Each week I am teaching the current math lesson, per the pacing guide, for each subject online via ClassConnect. These sessions are mandatory and students will learn the concept through interaction with the teacher. Upon completion, students will take their check-up and be complete with that lesson. Recordings are available within the Content area after each session has completed.

  • Fundamentals: (Monday @ 9:30) Foundations (9.01).
  • PreAlgebra: (Friday @ 9:30) Dependent events (9.13)
  • Algebra: (Monday @ 10:15) Properties of reflections (9.05).
  • Algebra 1: (Friday @ 10:15) Factoring perfect squares (4.07).
  • Geometry: (Friday @ 11:15) Special right triangles (4.09).

Ms. Blackburn's Classroom

The last unit we worked on for 6th-8th was science. For the next three weeks students will be working collaboratively on social studies projects that are cross-curricular with language arts. Students will learn social studies concepts with Ms. Blackburn and then work on writing about them with Ms. Robison.

Ms. Robison's Classroom

9th Grade Newsletter

Troubles with your device?

If you are having issues with your student's device, please email your issue/concern to this email address: ovs-techhelp@ops.org

Parents will get an email response following your submission. One of our staff members will email parents back to provide assistance, so be sure to check your email after sending your concern.

Mission Statement

We are a dynamic and nurturing community of learners that empowers students to reach their individual potential by providing a creative atmosphere for innovative learning and academic excellence.