Darius I

Briley Wright,Zach Flowers, and Gabryel Ybarra

The Great Persian King

Born on 549 B.C.E, Darius "The Great" was a king of Persia for 35 years from September 522 B.C.E to October 486 B.C.E., when he died. Darius belonged to the Achaemenid family and was the son of Hystapeses.

Darius was also a Good leader to his soldiers cause they took over a lot of regions,but not a leader to his citizens because of his laws

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Darius I is not or is Famous

Darius The Great is most famous for the construction of Persepolis, a center for festivals and government meetings.Designed by Darius himself, Persepolis is one of the greatest architectural achievements of the ancient world.

Darius Accomplishments or Achievements

Darius planned an expedition to greece in order to punish the greeks for supporting the Ionian Revolt but was unable to go due to health issues and sent xerxes to fight instead

during the time of rule he faced many uprisings of rebellion in the other areas by Babalonia susiana and many others that had set up independant governments to break free of persia's rule. One by one he was able to extinguish the uprisings and keep order

In 522 Cambyses died of an accidental death when he was in Syria leaving no heir to the throne so once Darius found out a distant cousin of Cambyses he immediately set out to take the throne