What energy transformation occurs during photosynthesis?

Radent energy (light from the sun) get turned into chemical energy so it can make food for itself and make oxygen for use to breath and when we breath out it carbon dioxide and the plant takes that in

this is the energy transformed into oxygen

Value of Photosynthesis

It's value is important because with photosynthesis a plant can make its own food called glucose, and give us oxygen and we give it carbon dioxide. So we lose are plants we will ALL DIE!

Photosynthesis is very important

With out photosynthesis we would not be able to breath

PLANTS get there energy from the sun.

the formula

carbon dioxide + water =light energy~> glucose + oxygen (6CO2 + 6H2O =light energy~> C6H12O6 + 6O2).

what is chloroplast?

it's plastid that contains chlorophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place.

Why are plant important to animals AND Where are plants in the food chain

There the base of are food chain. Animals eat them and when the run out the animals will die then the animals that eat them will die and so on (ect).


If you help by planting a tree every week and use recycled things you can do great thing for you and your home.


Photosynthesis IS important to ALL of us!