Jay Gatsby

By: Nolan Hendrickson

Bio Poem


Rich, determined, famous, friendly

Daisy's Lover

Son is Henry C Gatz

Lover of Daisy, money, and fame

Who feels angry at Tom, Daisy loves him, like he made a mistake leaving Daisy

Who needs Daisy, be well known, be very wealthy

Who gives parties, love, friendship to Nick

Who fears Daisy loves Tom, Nick wont be his wing man, Daisy wont come back to him

Who would like to see Daisy leave Tom, even richer, life like it was five year ago

Resident of West Egg, New York



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This picture represents Gatsby's need for wealth. We were told that he had fallen in love with being rich and well known while on the boat. I picked the house maid out of money because in the book he has a big mansion style house and that is just one way he is able to show his wealth.
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This picture represents Gatsby's pure determination. The man in the photo is not going to stop until he gets the boulder up to the top of the hill. In the book he Gatsby wont stop his quest to get Daisy back. Much of the book is set around his determination jst for Daisy.


"I don't think she ever loved him," Gatsby turned around from a window and looked at me challengingly. Pg. 152

I chose this quote because many of his actions throughout the book are centered around this premises of this thought. He has got this thought deep inside of his head. If he doesn't have this thought inside of his head he wouldn't approach daisy and there wouldn't be a book. This quote represents the character in that Daisy is the only thing he wants out of life right now.