Electronic Medical Records

Haley Carey

Barack Obama

In 2009, Obama made a speech for his campaign saying that all medical records used by doctors will all be electronic, or in other words, on the computer only.

The good things about making all medical records electronic

Obama said that if we all did medical records on the computer then it would save the U.S $81 billion. Also, patients wouldn't have to carry around huge stacks of medical papers with them every time that they had to go to the doctor. And imagine how many trees and how much paper we can save!

The bad things about making all medical records electronic

It would be a harder time for the older generations at the doctor's office. They're not really familiar with computers so it would be a hard time for them. Also, the cost to set up all of the computers would be really expensive. Especially if people buy the most expensive computers. And just imagine the power bill for the facility each month.