Hippo Nation Human Capital Courant

Serve. Lead. Empower.

Volume XXIV

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Mission Statement:

Hippo Nation inspires excellence in academics, character, and community!

Vision Statement:

Hutto ISD aspires to be the premier choice in education through innovation, leadership, and diversity.

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Congrats to our Library Department! We appreciate you!

Thank you for all you do and congratulations on your Department Spotlight; We appreciate you more than words can share!

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The Six Habits of Highly Effective School Librarians: Thank you for being one!

Earlier this year, the American Association of School Librarians issued a statement on
the instructional and collaborative roles that school librarians can play with students, teachers,
and administrators (published in Knowledge Quest). Librarians are “uniquely positioned,” said
the AASL, “to teach every student and the school community through traditional, blended, and
distance learning.” Some key areas:
• Inquiring – Librarians orchestrate engaging learning experiences that fill knowledge
gaps and get students displaying initiative and curiosity, developing skills, thinking critically,
identifying problems, and honing strategies to solve problems and share their products.
• Including – Librarians select reading materials and resources in a wide variety of
formats – print, textual, visual, media, news, and digital – that reflect diverse and inclusive
points of view and develop students’ ability to read for information and personal enjoyment.
Content is reading-level-free and includes assistive technology that makes it accessible to all
• Collaborating – Librarians are instructional partners with colleagues – planning, co-
teaching, and co-evaluating – as the school deepens learning, boosts academic achievement,
broadens perspectives, and empowers students to work with others and assess their own work.
• Curating – Librarians select a wide range of resources that complement the school’s
curriculum and students’ interests, and empower colleagues and students to do their own
selecting, organizing, and sharing of helpful information.
• Exploring – Librarians work with their colleagues to guide students as they explore,
discover, reflect, enjoy, create, innovate, and build stamina – all with a growth mindset.
• Engaging – Librarians develop and maintain an environment that is fun, inviting, safe,
flexible, collaborative, inclusive – in short, conducive to learning. This includes teaching and
modeling digital citizenship, adhering to copyright and fair use, and providing guidelines for
anytime/anywhere access to the online library catalog, digital and audio books, and a variety of
information resources, devices, and tools.
“The Instructional Role of the School Librarian” by the American Association of School
Librarians Board of Directors in Knowledge Quest, November-December 2020 (Vol. 49, #2,
pp. 8-9)

Welcome new employees! We're so glad you're here with us! Welcome to #HippoNation!

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"We’re in the midst of recruiting for our next cohorts for both the Master’s and Post-Master’s, starting either in Summer or Fall of 2021."

Join Texas State's Master's and Post-Master's Programs TODAY!

Rolf Straubhaar, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and School Improvement

Coordinator and Advisor, M.Ed./M.A. in Educational Leadership

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iTeach information for Paraprofessionals to Become Teachers!

Steps to Become a Teacher from UT Education

#whyEDwednesday: Jasmine Hashemi
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Lizzette Valles earned her Masters in Special Education with a Diagnostician Certification from Lamar University

WAY TO GO!! We are SO proud of you! She beautiful inside and out as well as highly educated; We are SO thankful and honored to have you in Hippo Nation!
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Director of Human Capital

What does this position do for Hippo Nation? Serve. Lead. Empower.

Extension 1077 in Hippo Nation connects you directly to me!

- Dr. Almquist (@servingkids)

Here is my bio!

*Your passion, attitude, and touch change eternity.*

What is "Human Capital?"

Human Capital is the people of Hippo Nation and all that each of you bring to enhance the work within this district. According to the Oxford Dictionary it is "the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country."

What is a "Courant?"

The word courant is an older word which means newspaper! This is our 2020 courant!

Courant also means running according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Hippos run. We run to ensure that our students are getting the very best that they deserve and need. We run to ensure that the spirit of the River Horse never dies. If you didn't know, River Horse means Hippo; It is the literal English translation of the Greek word Hippopotamus!

Our Courant will be composed of topics that relate to career pathways, growing us as individuals, and other topics that relate to the human capital component of our work.

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