Peter Noyes Friday Flyers

Friday, October 15th

Upcoming Events

October 20.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45

October 21........Noyes Night Out at Sobre Mesa - Dinner

October 23.....Peter Noyes Fall Festival 3:00-5:30 PM See details below!

November 2.....Noyes "Night" Out at Sudbury Coffee Works - All Day

November 3.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45 - Parent Conferences

November 7.....NEADS Graduation for Sophie - Monty Tech High School

November 8 - 12..... Scholastic Book Fair

November 10......Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45 - Parent Conferences

November 11.....No School - Veteran's Day

November 17.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45 - Parent Conferences

November 24.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45

November 25-26..... No School - Thanksgiving Recess

A Note From Mrs. Doyle

Dear Noyes Families,

Happy Friday! Thank you to everyone who attended the PTO meeting and Principal Chat on Wednesday night! As I shared during the meeting, we have so much to be grateful for this year including that we’re all together in person for school, that we have very low incidents of COVID cases, that parent volunteers are back, and so much more.

Still, this is another atypical year in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. We have all been impacted by the past 19 months. In school, we see students eager to be here and be together, but we also see many children with low stamina for the school day and the school work. Some students are still struggling to follow school routines consistently. In pre-COVID times, we may have 1-2 students in a class still working on unpacking their bag each morning or turning in their work, but now we might have 6-7 students who still need adult support for these standard routine tasks. It’s simply taking longer than typical to master these procedures and it’s not surprising in many ways because all of our youngest learners have not had a “normal” school experience yet. When students were remote last year, they may have had the attention of an adult at home just for them and that is not the case at school. One friend told me that it was no wonder her second-grade son was still adjusting this year since last year his grandmother was with him every day during remote learning and was probably turning to page 28 for him when the teacher directed them to do that. She wondered if he was surprised he had to turn pages himself this year. Of course, Grandma and all caregivers mean well, but we want students to build those independent skills.

Here’s how you can help! If you aren’t already doing so, try giving your children age-appropriate responsibilities such as making their bed, setting the table for dinner, folding clothes, packing/unpacking their backpacks, etc. If you are already doing that, consider whether your child is ready for a new responsibility. When children complete these “jobs,” it builds their confidence and independence. One of our kindergarten children told her teacher the other day, “I don’t choose to do that,” when given an assignment. The teacher responded, “That’s not a choice.” You could adopt the language we use at school. Some things are “choices” and some things are a “must do.”

Another way to help develop children’s competencies is to give specific one or two-step directions and have your child repeat them back to you and then make sure they complete what you are asking them to do. In this way, you know if your child heard you and accurately processed the directions in order to complete the task.

Although my children are older now, I still remember how much easier it was to just set the table myself. Oh my goodness it took a painfully long time for them to tie their shoes in the morning. So often we, too, are busy and tired and stressed. Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. (Teaching is too!) Even though we don’t always have time to have children pack their own backpacks, the big message here is that it is extremely helpful for all of us to give children the opportunity to do the things they really can do for themselves without adults doing it for them as often as possible. It takes more time, but it’s really worth it.


Annette Doyle

Library Volunteers

We are looking for library volunteers to help in our library. There will be a training on a Wednesday coming up soon. If you are interested, please reach out to our librarian, Barbara Gogan, via email at:

From the Desk of Mrs. Williams

Dear Noyes Families:

Happy Friday!

A couple of gentle reminders which help the front office run more smoothly....

Will your student be Absent?

Please remember to call the absentee line when your student will be home from school. Many of you notify the teachers but it is important that we know here in the front office as well. This helps minimize the interruptions to the classrooms. Please call 978-443-1085 x1 to do this.

Will your student be Tardy?

If so, call 978-443-1085 x1 to let us know that as well. Additionally, please let us know if your student will be buying lunch in the cafeteria. Because lunch is waiting on students' desks when they arrive in the cafeteria, it is important that we know they will be buying lunch. Please indicate whether they will be having hot or cold lunch and their preference of milk (regular or chocolate). We will also need to know if they are buying double lunches as well.

Dismissing Early?

If you need to dismiss your student early, please try not to do so after 1:45 p.m. Between PK dismissal at 2:00 p.m. in addition to the buses entering the parking lot, it can create a backup along route 27 as well as some confusion in the parking lot. For the safety of our staff and students, we are grateful to you for your help.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

Julie Williams
School Secretary

Educational Enrichment Help

Families - THe PTO is excited to offer educational enrichment to all grade levels again this year. We are looking for one parent from each grade level to help coordinate with both the visiting performers and the grade level teachers. Please send an email to if you can help.

Thank you!

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Mrs. Moffat & Sophie's Graduation!

Sunday, Nov. 7th, 2-4pm

1050 Westminster Street

Fitchburg, MA

Please join us on November 7th at Monty Tech High School to celebrate Sophie and Mrs. Moffat's Graduation from the NEADS program!

The Noyes PTO needs your help!!!

Noyeswear - Please email Maureen Alterio at

5th Grade Activity Volunteers - Please email Jenn Spencer at

Fall Festival- Please email Jenn Spencer or Manpreet Nehra at or

Spring Auction - Please email Nicole Burnard at

From Food Services

Dear Families,

The Sudbury Public School Food and Nutrition Department is asking for your patience and support as we navigate new challenges. As you may be aware, we are currently faced with unprecedented shortages of food and packaging materials, massive delays or cancellations of deliveries, and department labor shortages. Nationwide shortages and delays have affected availability of certain food items, leading to substitutions of menu items we’ve been able to offer regularly in the past. These supply issues are occurring throughout the country and are especially challenging for school systems, due to the quantity of meals we serve and the nutrition standards we follow.

All of this means that we may need to make quick substitutions to our menus based upon what we are able to acquire. We know that this affects students, and we are doing our best to provide updates about menu changes when possible as soon as we identify an issue.

Please know that our number one priority continues to be providing healthy, nutritious, and appetizing meals for your children. We love seeing them every day and appreciate your support and patience as we continue to offer meals at no charge for all students. The good news is that free breakfast and lunch will continue throughout the school year, so please stick with us while we face yet another challenge. Your participation helps our program stay strong, and we look forward to serving you! "

Thank you!

Gail Eng

Business Office

Sudbury Public Schools

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