Cinquain Poems

Nick Horne


Cinquain poem


Messy ,spicy

Slurping , sliding , falling

Between my plate and mouth


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I am snow

falling gently the earth

I hit the ground soft

I freeze to ground

I freeze all the trees in sight

While the hot sun melts me away

I am snow


Ode to my dog

I love him some much

you run with me in the woods

you protect me at night if someone is there

you get up every morning with me

your cute spots and eyes

the way you jump and do tricks

then you run across the yard

while your in your dog house asleep

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Rhyme Schemes

The sun is bright

but not dark

I love sitting in it all day

Because it never puts up a fight

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My feet are like lighting

My hands are a honey hive

My voice is like a sweet honeysuckle

My heart is like a tiger

My poem is like a lion tangled hair

I am a short seedling in the spring

I am a jungle

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I drank a grape soda

It exploded in my throat

And it started to sisal through my stomach

Then it went up my nose burning fire

My nose was pouring out grape lava

And squealing like a 1000 pigs

My dad saw me and wrecked into tiny hole

And it was full of slushies and I jump into it

And it was a billion feet deep

I got a brain freeze -100 degrees

A 1000 foot giant built a fire for me

And trolls came to help me

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pink is the color of the morning sky

pink is the reason I help cancer

pink smells like fresh cookie icing

pink tastes like bubble gum

pink sounds like tropical birds

pink a tropical Flamengo

pink feels like fluffy cotton candy

pink makes me want to help the poor

pink is life

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A tree that moves left

left to left to left not right

and I do not fight

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There was a man named fan

That was in a band

His favorite color is pink

He looked like a purple skink

And he had a farmers tan

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