My Life as a Quest

Start of a New School

Coming into a new school that I had never been to before was exhilarating. I was optimistic, like the feeling one can have when first waking up in the morning. I was excited, and set myself on a quest to be the best that I could be. It felt like a bright orange flame had been sparked inside of me with ambition. It was difficult to meet friends; for I was neither a circle nor a square, but was an oval in this place. I was like a mouse, trying to purposefully stay hidden from other life. My skin was white as snow, having been untouched by the sun and damage. As time went on I made sure that I kept my promise to be the best that I could be.

But every white light must have its darkness, and I was soon the crescent moon change to a red hue, and I was met with a terrible monster living inside my body. A monster that would constantly hammer at my brain at any chance it could get. My days became mostly bedridden, while I only stared at the pale yellow walls of my room. My river running with optimism seemed to be running dry, while I continued to lay in bed helplessly. Everything became difficult to accomplish, and my life seemed to drag on with no relief. I was correct about me not being a square, for I was not firm like the base of its four sides. I was rounded, but not to perfection like a circle either. I was an oval; an imperfect shape that could neither roll nor stand by itself.

So I continue to stay in the background to this day, face with a gray haze while this monster gets the better of me. It won't seem to leave me; and each day it decides to stay, the pain decides to get worse. The morning has moved on to a sunset down, but I can't let this fire go out, and I won't.

I will look to the future, and look for that sun to go up once again. The seasons will change, and I will look forward to the summer of my life. I will be relieved from this monster one day. Instead of looking a life with a hue of yellow and gray, I will be looking at life with a hue of blue and green. Looking forward to this is what keeps my flame alive.

Kala Babb