Booker T. Washington

"i will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul "

Booker T Washington early life

in early life of booker t Washington in 1865 and 1872 was 9 years old when he left to attend Hampton Institute at the age of six booker t Washington was born into slavery

Booker T Washington the progressive

booker t Washington was a muckraker was embraced by so many African American and some white people, not surprisingly since many African Americans faced greater obstacles than any other grove. The people embraced the message of booker T. Washington, to "put down your bucket where you are."

Booker T. Washington pictures

Booker T. Washington lasting lmpact

Booker T. Washington life accomlishments

one of his life accomplishments he was 16 and set off for a 500 mile journey with 1.50 dollars in his pocket he also reorganized that an education and a solid work the ethic where the corner stone to and induesited growth.

Booker T. Washington

I wanted to research Booker T. Washington because he did a lot of cool stuff in his life things. That's why I researched him.