Educational Resources

DED 318

1. Surfnet Kids: Surfing the net with kids.
This website has many different topics that you can go to. They have them for different subjects and there are games and blogs that you can read. It has many different educational activities that can be used not only in the classroom but at home.

2. Technology in the classrooms, 1:1 Laptops and iPads and More
This site has different links to other blogs and sites that talk about technology in the classroom. It basically has different resources that teachers can use to help them incorporate technology in the classroom.

3. Edutopia
Edutopia basically has different resources for different grade levels. It has videos, blogs, and just links to websites that offer resources to use for those grade levels. It has different things you can use in the classroom under the grade levels or ideas that are written in blogs.

4. History Tech
I found this site off another site I visited. It again has resources and blog postings about different sites teachers can go to, this one is basically on technology. The blog I was reading was about pinterest and the resources that can be found on it.

5. Teaching Channel
The teaching channel has different resources. It has videos, things on common core, and lesson plans that teachers can use. It has resources to help with the common core and lesson plans the teachers can use in their classrooms.

6. Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools
This website has different technology tools for teachers to use in the classroom. It has tools to help with research, slideshows, videos, images, audio, writing tools, and many more. There are definitely resources on here that teachers can use with their students in their classrooms.

7. Watch Know Learn
This website has different video resources that teachers can use. There are different videos for different subjects, and teachers can use these videos when teaching a specific topic in a classroom. This will help when teaching students by instead of lecturing they can watch and interesting video on the subject matter.

8. Yarp
Yarp is where you can get simple invitations or surveys from. These can come in handy when talking about surveys in the classroom or needing invitations for a class event. This resources can become very handy in the classroom.

9. Teach With Movies
This site has each subject and under each subject it has movies that can be used to teach students about that subject. With this students can use actual movies to connect to what they are learning in the classroom.

10. EdPuzzle
This website is basically where you can use a video you have found, crop the video, add your own voice to the video, and embed quizzes to the video. This can be used in the classroom by having a video you want to use for a lesson but add a quiz to it or have the students crop and add their voice to a video that they choose.

Video 1: Purposeful Grouping for Collaboration

This video show how a teacher used groups for collaboration. The groups had a purpose and this video shows how the teacher built the groups and made her students feel comfortable in the groups. This lead to the students to be more open to sharing and learning in the groups.

I'm Just a Bill

Video 2: Schoolhouse Rock I'm Just A Bill

This video can be used in social studies when talking about the government. This is a very good video to show students the process of how a the process of a bill happens. It's a fun video and it will keep the students entertainment.

Schoolhouse Rock - 3 Is A Magic Number

Video 3: 3 Is A Magic Number

This video is good when teaching math to younger students. Especially when you are teaching them about the number 3 in a math class. It has the rhythm and song that will keep the students attention and will help them to remember that particular lesson.

Video 4: Hint Cards

I think this video gives a good resource that can be used in the classroom. It will help students with subjects that they all may struggle with or just a way to teach a specific topic in that subject.

Video 5: Problem Solving Tools

This video will come in handy when needing tools to help students solve problems. This video gives different tools to help students solve math problems and it gives teaching strategies on how to teach these different tools to solve math problems.