The Learning Institute of The Enlightened

Come, is our sing with us

L, I, T, E- We strive to be the best we can be. L, I T, E- Our light is too bright to see

Mission Statement

At the Learning Institute of The Enlightened, we want our students to thrive and make sure that they will be able to use the skills that they learn to help them develop further on in life. Using the fields of Math, Science, and Technology, LITE is willing make sure that the teachers will represent that standard of learning and excellence through the actions of engaging, relevant, challenging our student to become better citizens. Our LITE will illuminate the path for a brighter future.

Come and Explore

Join us on July 1-15 to sign up for the 2016-2017 school year. Located at

1002 Portland Ave., Los Altos, CA 94024, 10 miles west of San Jose

Come and see the home of the Grizzly Bears (Mascot)

PLAN (Focus and Purpose)

This Charter school is set-up due to funding from the government and specialization in the field in science, technology, and math (STEM). However,with the Magnet school layout with the five pillars (Diversity, Innovation Curriculum and Professional Development, Academic Excellence, High Quality Instructional System, and Family and Community Partnerships), this allows for a better school, along with its IB program. In addition to having the tradition teaching, have the “hands on-mind on” learning to promote more interactive learning in addition to the normal, higher level learning and in having a half merit system and half lottery entry system for entry

What Our Students Say

"This place is AMAZING. I have learning much in the fields of math, science, and technology. Colleges love to see that I go to LITE and many are already begging to have me enroll to their school. I am only in 9th grade at that." -Anand J

"Best place EVER."-Seth R.

"I recommend all my students to go there." -Amy Watkins (PRHS)


Wanting to learn

Clothing and homey items for those out of state students and non-commuters

90% or above grade average in middle school

No school suspension at any time during which in school


Observe the colors throughout this poster of Green, Grey, and White, our school colors

FUN (Norms and Traditions)

We have to offer:

Class prank at the end of the year

Events like prom and homecoming

Senior Picnic

Freshmen Friday

Sports-Swimming, Football, tennis, basketball

Field studies to National Parks (Yosemite, Redwood forest, Lassen)

People that are determined to go are the ones that have take certain classes

Anyone taking AP Biology would be able to go Yosemite National Park

All students pay to go the each field trip across that nation

Anyone taking AP Environmental Science have the chance to go Redwood National Park