Why Live in Athens When You Can Live in the Superior Sparta?

Social Standings


This is the highest of the social classes, and few people are into this class. This is because only people whos roots reach back to the original founders can be in this standing. Occasionally, adopted sons who preform well in battle will be given the rank.


The perioikoi are free people who live in Sparta but are not Spartan citizens. They are often POWs. They can travel, own land, and are allowed to trade.


They are the largest portion of our population. They are often slaves or servants to the Spartans and also have to give them half of their crops. They are beaten once a year and must wear clothing made from animal skins. Anyone who tries to escape will be killed.

Women and Elders

Unlike in Athens, in Sparta, women have a lot of rights! They actually have the most rights out of all the Greek polises! Although they don't go out into battle, women still train and exercise like the men do. They also run their family's farm, and can go out on their own (unlike in Athens). Elders recieve a lot of respect in our community. Just like women have the most rights, elders recive the most respect here out of all of Greece!


Government in Sparta is a form of oligarchy. Here, no individual is able to become too powerful. Our government is led by two kings who are also the generals of the army. Our executive power is controlled by five magistrates, called ephors. They are the judges who deal with internal and foreign affairs. They are guided by the council of elders, twenty-eight ex-magistrates. A second council is the Spartiates, or the assembly, who had the right to reject or approve any proposals put before them.
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At the age of seven, boys are sent off to begin their training as warriors. Along with the other boys, they learn some reading, writing, and other basic skills. But they mostly focus on their training. The boys don't get shoes, with helps callus their feet so when in war their shoes wear away, they won't be in pain. They also need to steal their own food, to teach them how to be quick, discrete, and how to take care of themselves. They also get beaten and exercise often so that they can be strong mentally and physically.


Unlike the boys, girls stay at home with the rest of their family while they learn. The girls also exercise and learn how to defend themselves, but not as intensely as the boys. This is so when the men all go out to war, the women can still protect the town. Girls also learn how to do many household chores, like cooking and cleaning. They also learned how to spin and weave.
This is better than in Athens, because while girls don't get an education there, here they do! They still learn basic thing like the Athenian girls do, but they are treated almost as equally to the boys. Like I said, they still train to battle, but considering they are girls and won't go out into war, it's not as serious. Boys also learn an important skill that isn't taught in Athens. How to take care of yourself. They can defend themselves, live healthy lives, and can survive when times get tough.

Spartan Arts



We have won many of the events in the Olympics, many of them being from the Stadion and Tethrippon events. Other events that are included in the games are boxing, wrestling, and the pentathlon. Women weren't allowed in the Olympics and didn't compete until Kyniska, the daughter of King Archidamus, won 2 Tethrippon events.

Around the Polis

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How to Get Around

Although the wealthy occasionally ride horses or chariots, the most common method of transportation here is walking. Chariots are more often used in war or for entertainment. Boats are also used when crossing seas to travel.

Ares' Tavern

With a large variety of Godly foods with heavenly flavors, Artemis' Tavern is the best (and only) tavern in Sparta!


-Bread (dipped in wine)






~Festival Specials~



Artemis' Inn

Artemis' Inn is the top rated Inn in all of Greece. With all the best comfort, Artemis' Inn specializes in comfort and luxury, making it the perfect place to stay while you're with us!

*Ask to see what rooms are available*

Homes for Sale

On this newly built road, there are plenty of also newly built home to move into! All of them feature a courtyard with a well, alter, and space for children to play. There are several rooms around the courtyard including the bedrooms, the work room, the store room, and select homes have an andron. Our homes are better than those in Athens because while women in Athens aren't allowed to attend dinner parties and have to stay in their own rooms, women here may do as they please.

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