Key Issues Facing Modern America

Present and Future


One of the greatest reasons for racial and cultural diversity in the U.S. is immigration. While many come to the U.S. legally every year, a growing number tend to be illegal immigrants.

As a result the Hispanic population has grown tremendously in recent decades. One of the effects of this increase has been a controversial acceptance of bilingualism. As more people in the U.S. speak Spanish as a first language, more and more states and government institutions are beginning to communicate in Spanish as well as English.


This refers to the differences in income and assets that exist when comparing individuals. It is important to remember that compared to the rest of the world just about every U.S. citizen compares better. On average white citizens tend to do better economically than minority citizens due to urban flight (where middle class citizens leave the city to live in the suburbs).


The election of 2008 proved to be another historical campaign.

John McCain served as the republican nomination and a young Illinois Senator named Barack Obama was the Democratic nomination. Barack Obama beat out Hillary Clinton for the nomination and won the election against Senator John McCain and his Vice-President Sara Palin.


President Obama entered the White House during a challenging economic time. During the 1990's and early 2000's, banks and lending agencies relaxed their standards for buying homes.

Unfortunately many of these loans were ballooning loans which meant you could buy a home for little down and low monthly payments at first. As the economy fell, and people lost their jobs, house payments rose and a record number of people lost their homes due to foreclosure.


President Obama’s first strategy to deal with the economic crisis involved passing a stimulus package. It pumped large sums of federal money into the economy with the goal of creating jobs.

It also prevented several key businesses and the auto industry from going under. But more than three years into Obama’s presidency unemployment has continued to rise and the real estate market has continued to flounder.


Taxes continue to remain a key area of debate. President Obama and others argued that tax cuts passed under President Bush to aid businesses should be ended.

Republicans however oppose this; they say those tax cuts to help businesses allow them to hire additional people.


Due to technology, and economic ties, today’s world is more connected than ever before. Globalization has resulted in a worldwide economy and communications that link the world together.

What threatens the security or economic stability of one nation quickly impacts others as well. As a result, the U.S. has vested interests, not only in their own security and stability but in the security and stability of countries around the world.


The EU is an economic entity consisting of 27 European nations. The EU unites these nations economically and uses the euro as a common currency. In the past, several countries have built up massive debts.

A few of these countries have come close to going bankrupt. Such instability can have drastic effects not only in Europe, but across the globe
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