Demeter and Persephone



Persephone, also known as Demeter's daughter had grown into a very beautiful young lady. One day as she was picking some flowers, Hades, the God of the Underworld, caught himself admiring Persephone's beauty. His sudden attraction to Persephone seemed to grow every second and soon enough he had thought up of a plan. He was going to capture her and keep her all to himself. 'She would be good company' thought Hades.

Managing to capture Persephone, he hurled her into his chariot along side himself and drove the chariot into the deepest darkest depths of the Underworld.


Meanwhile, Demeter on the other hand had just found out that Persephone had been captured by Hades. She felt the desire to go and find Persephone but was so miserable that all she could do was cry. The plants and crops were starting to fail at this stage.

Zeus, the ruler of Gods, was also starting to get a bit worried. If he didn't do anything about the dying crops, then his people could start to disobey his orders. What was he to do?


Persephone, on the other hand had starved a week, not knowing what curses the food from the Underworld would put on her. Not being able to bear it anymore, she ate six pomegranate seeds. Hades was overjoyed at this, he knew very well that someone who ate from the Underworld, would have to return for a few months every year. He still had one more problem, Zeus the 'ruler of gods', had ordered him to release Persephone. Hades loved Persephone very much but he knew that she would have to return to the Underworld every year, so without much hardship he released her. Demeter, Zeus and Persephone were overjoyed.

If you have ever wondered why plants grow and die depending on the seasons, it is because of Demeter. Every time Persephone has to leave for the Underworld the plants die and every time Persephone returns, they blossom.