Classical Conversations of Bonham

To Know God and Make Him Known

Week 7

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Tin Whistle

Woohoo!!! Though it can be hard to listen to at times, it was so much for to see the excitement in the children's eyes this week as they played on their tin whistle. Many wanted to continue playing after class and experiment! We do not expect them to be masters of the tin whistle when they leave us! The purpose is to wet their appetite for the possibility of learning other instruments and to gain some knowledge in music theory.
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Nursery Duty

The nursery situation has been SO much better since you wonderful ladies have stepped in to help! A million thank yous!!!! I appreciate everything that each of you!

Christy Sacco has duty on week 8 and the Moss Family will have it on week 9.

Pumpkin Patch Fun

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The Weems family will be doing their family presentation for us on week 8 and then the Villegas family has week 9.

If you are following our student presentation schedule, the topic for the upcoming two weeks are demonstrations (show the class how to make or do something. Allow class participation if possible. Show all steps as you go.). Each child will get about 5 minutes to do their demonstration and only half of the class will go. Please see your tutor for more information on which week your child has and any other questions you may have about it. I'm sure each class will look a little different as far as how this will be handled.

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Wear Orange Day

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 9:15am

219 West Denison Street

Bonham, TX

Come dressed in orange for the day. It will look like we have little pumpkins running all around on this beautiful Fall day!
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Contact me

Feel free to shoot me a message or give me a call with any questions or concerns you have! I'm here to support you along with our awesome team of tutors! My office hours are M-F 4-5PM.