Loughborough PS Newsletter

January 2016

Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing holiday! It is hard to believe that it is January when you consider what type of weather we are having outside, but we know that eventually the snow and the cold will come!

Just before the holidays Progress Reports were sent home with your children. If you haven't already done so please return the bottom portion of the report to your child's classroom teacher. If you have any questions or concerns about what is contained in the report don't hesitate to speak with the classroom teacher.

Our Parent Council group works very hard on behalf of the students at LPS and I am very grateful for all they do. On January 15th at 6:30 pm our Council will be holding a night of Zumba with Edward who has been working with our students since November. Our students absolutely love working with him and we know you will too. The evening is designed as a community event with a focus on getting in shape and having fun while doing it. More information will come soon and we hope to see you there!

If at any time you have questions or concerns about your child's progress at school please don't hesitate to contact me at the school.

Mr. Morency


Loughborough Public School


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News and Notes

Here are some important dates and events!

  • Mrs. Cancian's class will be taking part in the Beyond the Classroom experience the week of January 11-15
  • Our Math in Action Program will take place every Tuesday and Thursday after school this month. All our spots are currently filled.
  • January 15 hot lunch orders are due and it is Family Zumba Night!
  • January 19 Parent Council Meeting at 6:30
  • January 21 Lockdown practice at 10:30
  • January 22 Lancaster Basketball tournament
  • January 26 School wide Zumba
  • January 27 Reading with Families- Ms. Isbell's class
  • January 29 Winter Tea Party for Ms. Isbell, Mrs. McMurray, and Mrs. Chanook's class

A Message From Triboard Transportation

Buses may be delayed or cancelled for a number of reasons such as mechanical problems or inclement weather. Delays or cancellations are posted on the website www.triboard.ca. These delays and cancellations may be viewed by parents/guardians or school administration by going to our website and clicking on our Cancellations & Delays icon. You may sign up for direct notification of delays and cancellations by going to our Delays and Cancellations tab near the top of our webpage. There is also other pertinent information regarding delays and cancellations for parents/guardians at this location including a listing of local radio stations that will air cancellations and delays. You may also follow Triboard on Facebook or Twitter.

Keep the Conversation Going!

There is no better time for your child to learn new vocabulary than during his/her everyday conversations with you. Researchers have found that the more parents talk with their child, the more words the child learns. The key to building language competence is encouraging them to engage in conversations!

Here are some conversation tips:

  • Give your child a chance to initiate so they have an interest in what you will talk about.
  • Get face to face to notice expressions and body language that goes along with the words.
  • Make a comment and wait for your child to take another turn. Keep it going back and forth.
  • Follow up a comment with a genuine question.
  • Be careful of these conversation stoppers:
  • A one sided running commentary. Stop talking!
  • Too many questions. (sounds like testing!)

Provided by: Ontario Early Years Literacy Specialists


Oranges have segments, and so do words! Words segments are made up of syllables. They are also made up of beginning, middle and ending sounds. Being able to segment words is essential for children to learn how to spell.

Bubble Gum Words

Pretend you are chewing a bubble gum word. Once this imaginary gummy word is soft, pull it slowly from your mouth one sound at a time. Stretch these word sounds (rather than letter names) so that your child hears the segments very slowly:

For example, say ‘b-u-b-l” As soon as the word is all the way out, clap your hands and quickly say “bubble”.

Can your child make a bubble gum word from holiday words such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Muharram; or from the names of family members, pets or friends?

Provided by: Ontario Early Years Literacy Specialists