The Threatened Americas

The Jaguar(Panthera Onca)

Description and Habitat

  • Habitat: Needs water supply, dense cover, and sufficient prey in order to support a healthy population of Jaguars(ADW)
  • Historic home range: from southwestern US through the Amazon basin to the Rio Negro in Argentina (IUCN)
  • Largest cat in the Americas
  • Physical description: shoulder width 75 cm, Body length 150-180 cm, and can weigh between 68-136 kilograms. The Jaguar was not built for speed, but for power.
  • The Jaguar's pelt can range from pale yellow, reddish brown, and black( also known as the panther).(ADW)

Food Chain

  • The Jaguar is a predator and a carnivore
  • Diet: prefers large animals like deer. Other prey include turtles, snake, fish, large birds, and many other animals.
  • Strategy: Jaguars usually kill their prey with one pounce with a swift bite of the neck, suffocating, or piercing their target's skull with their canines. Then they drag their target into a secluded spot and eat them there.(ADW)


  • Hunting: Since the Jaguar usually kills its prey by a single blow to the skull, its large head and powerful jaws help it do that
  • Protection: Its patterned pelt helps in blend in with its surroundings (ADW)

Reasons for Endangerment

  • Hunted by humans for their pelts.
  • Deforestation.
  • The hunting of farm animals have caused many farmers to consider them as pests. Many Jaguars die by the hands of the farmer and gun. (IUCN)

Conservation Status

  • Jaguars are fully protected and hunting them has been made illegal in many countries.
  • Although hunting has been made illegal, many products made from Jaguar are still in demand
  • Near Threatened (IUCN)

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