Akier's Awesome Basketball Team

By Akier Liem

About me

My name is Akier Liem I was born on March 4, 2004 I live with my mom and step dad and I have 3 sisters I have two step sisters and I have a twin sister. I like to play basketball and soccer and I also like to dance. My favorite color is hot pink and bright green and black . I like go to the Apollo football and basketball games with my older sister and I like to watch t.v.

Playing basketball

I've actually played on a real team before . I thought basketball would be running laps push-up sit-ups and all that stuff , but I thought wrong the first day of basketball I was nervous and so was my sister I didn't no so much people. We didn't really start until the next day . I wasn't really nervous when we played together as a team , but our first game I was so nervous my sister was there and Everytime I'd look at her she would give me some kind of look telling me to pay attention. But we ended up winning all our games but one and we ended our game as a win but I was fun meeting other people and to experience an actual basketball team.
Babaye Oja: Highlight Tape

Babaye Oja

Babaye Oja is my cousin she played basketball for an Iowa team . She is 22 years old , Babaye has 9 Siblings Almost all of her siblings play basketball. Babaye also got a basketball scholarship in high school , and she was nominated as prom queen she has one sister that's my age we sometimes on breaks go to Austin Minnesota and see them .