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Please help to get this game localized

In 2010, Namco Bandai released a video game called "Digimon World Re-Digitize" for the PSP. Unfortunately the game was only released in Japan. Fans of Digimon in other countries were very disappointed by this news. Demand for this game in Italy, Australia, the United States, and other countries was very high. Some people even bought a Japanese copy of the game just so they could play it, but a majority can't read Japanese so the game is virtually unplayable to most people outside of Japan. A 3ds remake of this game was made in 2012 and because the 3ds is more popular than the PSP, demand for an international release had increased.

In June of 2013, an Italian fan of Digimon named Haseo-san started a petition on in the hopes that Namco Bandai would do an international release for the game. Shortly after, this same person created a Facebook page called operation decode so that word of the petition would spread faster. This worked really well because in less than the first hour of the petition's release, it managed to gain over five-hundred signatures. As of now the petition has over eighteen thousand signatures, but the number of new signatures in decreasing. This is partially due to a lack of interest and partially because some Digimon fans are unaware that this petition exists.

Other supporters of this petition are also doing whatever they can to help get the word out to other fans of Digimon who want this game. There are many YouTube videos that were created to help get more people to support this petition. My personal favorite is one by a YouTuber named TwistedRai. Many people want this game outside of Japan and while the petition has many signatures already, it needs more.

It's worth noting that when it tells you what information you need to put in, it will be in Italian.

Here's the information that you need to put in:

Nome= First Name

Cognome=Last Name


Indirizzo=Street Address



CAP=Zip Code

Perché è importante per te?= Why is this important to you?(Optional)

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Localization Campaign