Help Mrs. Kulp-Please!

Just by voting/giving your opinion!

What do I need your help with?

* Believe it or not even though summer is certainly not over... I am already busy getting things ready for my new class that I will have this coming school year. I have been thinking hard and not coming up with an idea that I felt was just right! Plus we all know I am not the coolest of the pack and this is why I am reaching out to all of you who are both cool, and creative!

I am trying to decide on how I will decorate my new classroom at West Vincent. I am a little nervous because I don't know any of the kids here and even don't know most of the other teachers yet. I want to pick a theme or idea that is cool but most importantly one that fourth graders like you JUST were would like as well.

This mainly means how will I decorate the classroom door (first thing everybody sees) and that big bulletin board outside the room that people see and introduces everyone to the kids in my class.

If you could take a look below at my ideas and email me at telling me which one you like best and is the one that you the new kids in my class this year would like. If you have an idea I didn't list/think of you can email me that as well!

Thank you so so so much. I really do appreciate your opinion!

Mrs. Kulp

Your crazy teacher who misses you already and hopes you totally rock 5th grade!

Idea # 1 for Classroom Theme/Decoration: Minions

1. A "Minion" Reasons To Love 4th Grade or A "Minion" Reasons to love Mrs. Kulp's 4th Grade Class...

Or say...Watch out for Mrs. Kulp's Minions (See picture below)

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Idea # 2 for Classroom Theme/Decoration: Pac Man

2. 4th Graders who will A-MAZE You... see picture below.
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Idea # 3 for Classroom Theme/Decoration: Adventure

3. Check out Mrs. Kulp's 4th Graders who are headed up..up...and away

since everyday is an ADVENTURE in 4th Grade (or in room #104)!

* See balloon idea picture just would do it with what I wrote.

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Idea # 4 for Classroom Theme/Decoration: Rockstars/Music

Mrs. Kulp's 4th Grade Playlist-

would change the picture below so that it was a boom box on the left and the ipod screen was bigger and showing each students name by saying 4th Grade Rockstar then their name.

or just their name :-) but on the floor walking into the classroom would be the Hollywood starts with their name and the first star would say Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ???

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Idea # 5 for Classroom Theme/Decoration: word salad

I would just create a blown up version like in the picture below with Mrs. Kulp's 4th Grade the largest then all the kids names scrambled among words like fantastic, creative, kind, unique which would be the smallest.
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