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Treasures of the City

Our 2nd graders have been invited to attend Treasures of the City on October 4. We are scheduled to arrive between 6:15 and 6:45. This is a fun night and a great opportunity to learn about our local government. I strongly encourage everyone to try and attend this event! I will be there with my 2nd grade daughter and can't wait to see you all!

What we will learn this week:

Math Workshop: We will be completing Chapter 2 this week on Number Patterns. The students will review on Thursday and take the Chapter 2 assessment on Friday. Be looking for a unit review to come home on Thursday. This is not mandatory homework-but good practice for the test!

Homework: Chapter 2- Lessons 5, 6, 7 and fluency review

Letterland: Our words this week will help us practice the long a and long i sound with Magic e. Look below for the weekly words and sentence. The kids will be tested on Friday.

Writer's Workshop: We will wrap up drafting and begin to practice revising our story.

Reader's Workshop: We will read the story A Tree is Nice and practice visualizing the text. Our vocabulary words this week are: numerous, recreation, shelter, and necessary. We will also continue to meet with our guided reading groups and work on strategies good readers use.

Content: Our unit on Citizenship is coming to a close. We will begin our first science unit this week on Rocks and Soil.

Letterland: Long a and i with Magic e, a_e and i_e


1) smile

2) shape

3) write

4) drag

5) trade

6) inside

7) grade

8) slid

9) snake

10) hike

11) white

12) mistake

Tricky words/sight words:

1) quiet

2) everyone


They are going down the slide.

IMPORTANT DATES coming up in October and November

October 3: Fall Picture Day

October 4: Jaguar Junction Shopping Day, Treasures of the City 6:15-6:45 check in time

October 9-15: Fire Prevention week

October 10-21: Food Harvest Food Fight

October 14: End of the 1st Quarter

October 17: NO SCHOOL! Professional Work Day for Teachers

October 18: 2nd Quarter begins

October 24-27: Parent Teacher Conferences (Please contact me if you have not yet scheduled a time to meet)

October 24-28: Red Ribbon Week

October 27: Jeffries Skating Party at Skateland 6-8 pm with a Halloween costume contest ($5 per a person to attend)

November 3: Fall Fundraiser pick-up 3-6 pm in the cafeteria

November 7: NO SCHOOL!

November 8: NO SCHOOL! Professional Learning Day for Teachers

November 9: Student Flu Clinic (for students who fill out paperwork to have a flu shot)

November 14: WatchDOGS Chick-Fil-A Benefit Night, eat at Chick-Fil-A and leave your receipt in the black box on the counter

November 15: Fall Picture Retakes

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