The F Kennedy assassination

The 35th president

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president . John F. Kennedy was assassinated. This presentation is about the assassination of John F. Kennedy however I will be using real facts and not conspiracy theories although they are interesting I will not conclude them in this presentation. John F. Kennedy died on November 22 1963 and was a president sense 1961

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald is the suspect and proven killer that killed John F. Kennedy. However when caught he wasn't fined or sent to jail for the murder of John F. Kennedy. In fact he was sent to jail for the murder of a cop 45 minutes before the murder of John F. Kennedy. And when being transferred to prison he was shot in front of lots of cameras. The reason Lee Harvey Oswald was shot was to avenge John F. Kennedy's death. He was shot by jack ruby.

People involved

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only shooter and claimed he didn't shoot/kill the president and the police officer when caught. Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy with a sniper. When he shot John F. Kennedy it hit him and the governor who was in front of John F. Kennedy . Both the governor and the president where rushed to the hospital. The governor turned out to be fine but however John F. Kennedy wasn't as lucky. As I said before there are conspiracy they can be true or they can be lies but on way or another we know that John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy got assassinated. John F. Kennedy is arguably to some people is the best presidents and to others the worse but one thing we know is that he didn't deserve that death.
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