Lion Witch Wardrobe

c. s lewis julian barrero


This book is about these 4 kids have to live in this house with a man. While they are there they meet a lot of people like mr.tummnis. Then there is this ice witch how is not really nice. Then one day they go to mr. tummnis house and then they see a note that said that he was under arrest. They go to a beavers house and in the morning edmend ran toward the witch just to get turkis delight then then something happend to the witch


I think that this book is sad because many people die and get hurt.On some moments it is also exiting because you are like oh my god is edmand going to survive. Or like is it dangerous.Oh and some of the charcters are edmandmd,lucy,white which and a lot more.

favorite part

I got to say that my favorite part is when the witch and her monster army fight edmand and his friends.Then the kids won the war and then the witch came back for edmand but there was this lion that said no take me.But there was a problem the lion was not very happy so they took him back then another fight happened and something happened to a main charcter.I got to say this is my favorite part because i like eximent