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Paul Monroe campaign

The back story
Mike is a life-long comic fan. Once, as a cable installer, he installed cable for a guy who had stacks of comic books piled high. When he finished the job, the guy said

“You like graphic novels?”
Mike said
so the guy said
“Well, I am involved in this new project.
Would you like to take some of my comics?”

Mike looked at the stacks of comics.

“Yea, man. That would be great.”

They turned out to be the first three volumes of The Walking Dead. He read them all and then continued to read the rest of the series. (Too bad he didn’t get them signed. If you recognize your cable installer from 2007 we would love to have you sign his books.)

Move along to the comics becoming a TV series. He and his wife began to watch and then he discovered his brother-in-law was a fan too. Other family members talked about watching and eventually even his father-in-law as hooked, trying to watch 3 or 4 episodes a night to get caught up.

Soon the whole family was talking about The Walking Dead. We watched it together regularly and talked about the show, the relationships, the dangers, the decisions and what the group should and should not do under certain circumstances.

Another year went by and our family experienced a great deal of tragedy of our own. That year we experienced many major hospitalizations, lost four family members and suffered various health issues and major life changes.

Still, we had family time whenever we could. We made plans for family dinners and we watched The Walking Dead . When our life was chaotic and overwhelming we always had The Walking Dead. At least we didn’t have to face the difficulties they were experiencing in that world.

Our remaining family is a little spread out right now. We cherish our family and are trying to get us all together and into one place. We dream of a bit of land where we can build a place for all of us to be together to enjoy each other for as long as possible.
Four generations teaching and learning from each other.

One day we were discussing The Walking Dead and someone said “Wouldn’t it be ironic if Mike played this part and that ended up funding our family farm?” And so we began our campaign.

“It may never happen, but still, it’s something to keep us moving forward and focused on funding our dream. Dreams and miracles happen everyday so we will continue to support each other, dream, work together, and have fun. Of course we will continue to watch The Walking Dead.”

We also cook, garden, care for our children and animals and play Magic the Gathering and Cards Against Humanity , but that is another story.

Rick is a leader I would follow!

Mike has been a comic book fan since childhood. His extended family also has interest in writing, media, fiction, fantasy, organic foods, DIY crafts and staying away from zombies. We are a family of fans of TWD and think he should play Paul Monroe for the show. We decided to let folks know he should get a shot and decided this might be a way to get him noticed.

Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age Mid 30's
Family Unknown
First Appearance waiting
Status Alive
Series lifespan hopeful
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

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