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Issue 31 - 1st May 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The weather has been absolutely glorious this week, which has supported the transition back to near normality for all the students at the British Primary Section.

I would like to firstly mention the mature behaviour of our Playground Leaders this week. As you are aware, we have been working hard to provide leadership opportunities for all of our children. Giving opportunities is an integral ethos of the British Primary Section, children thrive with responsibility. Mr Coetzee and Mrs Wong have supported this process throughout the year, where the leaders have been instrumental in organising playtimes and supporting duty teachers with additional supervision and strategies to enable friendships to flourish. As a process, it has been clearly successful, as the amount of low level disruptions or friendship issues has been significantly reduced by over 40%. This clearly shows the power of student advocacy, and has made the playground a more enjoyable experience for all.

Walking around the campus, I am impressed with the effort that both students and teachers have made to encourage a healthy love of reading. Our Book Day last week was a tremendous success, and this has been further emphasised with the transformation of all classroom doors throughout the BPS into the book covers of favourite books. This will be further explained below, but has made the learning environment further appealing to our students.

I would like to thank all parents in ensuring that the 'drop off' and 'pick-up' of children has been a success. With almost 700 students in our section, this has run very smoothly, and as the week has passed, the efficiency of this process has improved. Further, it has been noticeable that our youngest children have settled into the routine of the school day much quicker, which has further benefitted learning - many thanks for your support with this!

Finally, I would like to remind all parents that we are continuing to work closely with all authorities to ensure that our environment is as safe as possible during this challenging period. Lunchtimes are running smoothly, all processes are effective. We will continue to keep our community up-to-date with any changes in strategy, communication is key!

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

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Classroom Doors Become Giant Book Covers - by Mr Michael Norris

As part of our World Book Day celebrations children had to choose, as a class, a popular book that had significance for them. This chosen book then became the theme for transforming one of their classroom doors into a giant book cover representing their chosen book theme. One of the competition criteria was that book cover doors had to reflect a special dimension ranging from black & white only, to having some kind of interactive element. We are delighted to announce the following category winners: The EYFS/KS1 winner is Ms Chang’s Class (B2.4) - The Room on The Broom. The KS2 winner is Ms Bottomley-Chang’s Class (B4.2) - Hogwarts Express station door entrance. Congratulations! These classes have won themselves extra Golden Time along with the delivery of some scrumptious pizza! A special thanks to members of our Tribe Council in helping judge the book cover door winners.

Gaining Independence in Year 2 - by Miss Hilary Trehern

There have been some changes in Year 2 this term with the introduction of continuous provision through topic. This means that children are able to practise new skills independently alongside the curriculum, dipping in whenever they have finished their main tasks. In our topic Where do you live? children are researching a chosen animal, writing a non-fiction report and publishing it in a format of their choosing. To encourage further creativity, perseverance and problem solving skills, continuous provision is taking the form of building a diorama frame for their habitat with skills learnt during Design and Technology, making a mask of their animal and various maths tasks involving links to the topic subject. The activities have been met with great enthusiasm as children engage with hands-on tasks, pursuing their own interests, managing their time and building on skills learnt. It's early days but already we can't wait to see where their imaginations lead them!

Performing Arts Magic - by Mrs Jennie Bonnalie

Thanks to two of our wonderfully talented British Section students for making the World Book Day Assembly extra special for our Nursery Students. They perform the musical hit, "Naughty', from Matilda the Musical. The singing, acting and performance was such a treat for everyone. Both girls have obviously worked so hard learning their performance, and were risk-takers to perform in front of a live audience. This was a wonderful way to celebrate World Book Week. Well done girls, we all thought you were brilliant!
Singing in Nursery

Year 6 Living Museum 2020 - by Mr Dean Kirt

Last week Year 6 were busy becoming some of history’s most famous adventurers, explorers and discoverers. The students told tales of adventure and exploration through the eyes of their chosen explorer during our Living Museum in-class exhibitions.

All Year 6 children prepared speeches and informative slideshows as part of their Integrated Curriculum topic, ‘Adventurous Mind and Spirit’. Children in each class presented on such diverse explorers as Yuri Gugarin, Jane Goodall and Christopher Columbus. They also answered a range of key questions and some even prepared costumes to fully immerse themselves in their explorers.

The Living Museum was a hive of activity from open to close and Year 6 teachers would like to thank all the children who researched their explorers so well and participated so enthusiastically.

Living Museum 2020

Year 6 Transition by Mr Craig Gamble

Whilst Covid 19 has meant that many of our school functions, celebrations and trips have had to be cancelled or postponed our Year 6 Team and Mr Raymond Imbleau, the Head of Year 7 at the ESC, have been working hard to ensure that the transition days for our Year 6 students go ahead as planned.

Mr Imbleau will travel to the EPC on the morning of the 7th May to speak to our Year 6's in the amphitheatre over two sessions to allow us to maintain adequate social distancing of the students, who will all be wearing masks of course.

This will be followed by two visits to the High School by our Year 6 students on the 26th and 27th May to experience life at the ESC and engage in a range of lessons and activities designed to help them familiarise themselves with their new surroundings ahead of their move up the mountain in August.

Normally our Year 6's would be able to stay on at the ESC to watch the annual production on one of the transition days. Sadly that can't happen this year and so the students will return to the EPC on both transition days in time for normal pick up procedures and ECAs.

If you have any questions around the transition days please speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance or contact Mr Gamble.

Face masks and PE by Mr Peter Poulton

Although wearing masks in PE lessons was a little uncomfortable at first, the children have quickly got used to it and for the most part, PE lessons have been normal. The social distancing measures have been a little challenging to enforce during sport, but we have been playing games that have minimal contact. Soon the children will start a unit of 'Net Games' with a focus towards volleyball. Volleyball is a wonderful game for children and will help develop key physical skills such as hand-eye coordination, motor skills and agility. Additionally, volleyball teaches teamwork and helps establish and reinforce effective communication with peers.

Crucially, Net Games will enable the lessons to stay within the CDC guidelines for safe practice in sport. Wearing masks during PE lessons is a unique experience, but everyone is still working hard and participating with enthusiasm. Well done to all students!

PE Lesson

Tribe Council Update: Friday 1st May 2020 - by Mr Corné Coetzee

Junk Modeling Tribe Competition:

After many weeks of rescheduling due to school closures, we finally had the Junk modelling competition this week. Children had loads of fun showing off their costumes made from recycled material. It was great to see all the creativity that went into the design of some of the costumes. Thank you, teachers and students, for all your hard work regarding this.

Tabitha, Cambodia:

Unfortunately, the 2020 Tabitha Cambodia House Building trip has had to be re-timetabled due to the impact on global travel by Covid-19. At this point in time, our travel dates to Cambodia have been moved to the October 2020 midterm break, when we are actually planning to take two-year groups at the same time (this will also be a first for us!).

Please rest assured, at BPS, our commitment to the Tabitha initiative remains strong and all funds raised for this amazing organisation will be used to continue to support the incredibly important work that they do with Cambodian families in need.

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Steam and Coding Creators Competition - by Mr Dipak Mondal

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BPS PTA AGM - by Mr Luke Chaeter

Please be informed that on 11th June 2020 at 8.30am, the PTA will be hosting its annual general meeting. This meeting will review the actions which the PTA have completed, showcase the tremendous support and initiatives which have taken place during this challenging year, and elect the core members for the 2020-21 academic year.

英國小學部 家長會 年度常會

英國小學部 家長會 將於六月十一日早上8:30舉行家長會年度常會AGM。家長會於此次會議將檢視過這一學年的成果,以及回顧在這充滿挑戰的一年中,如何給予學校協助。當天,我們亦會投票選出2020-21年度的家長會成員。


Friday Music Corner (01.05.2020)
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Registration procedures

The safety of our students is a priority. Please be aware that if your child arrives after 8.15am in the morning, they will go to the BPS Office to have their attendance recorded.

If your child is ill, and you have informed your class teacher by email that morning, please do not be offended if you receive a phone call before 9.30am asking you to confirm this. As you are aware, teachers may well be teaching, or planning, and emails during this busy time may not be accessed. This process is in place, as we care!



Lunch Reminder

A reminder to all parents to log onto TESmile to see the most updated lunch menu for May. If you would like to order school lunch for your child for May, please book by 9am of 4th May.



Mask Order available in Convenience Stores now

Please see the video below in English which provides clear instructions on how to order masks at local convenience stores . Please note that the next opportunity to buy masks is between 4th -6th May for collection between 11th -24th May.


1. Locate a kiosk in one of the four convenience store chains mentioned in the video

2. Click on the top option with a logo of a white cross which reads "Epidemic Prevention War" (防疫大作戰)

3.Insert NHI card

4.Select nine adult masks or 10 children's masks

5.Print out receipt and hand it to convenience store clerk

(英文版)How to get your masks口罩實名制 3.0 預購方式
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