5852 Final Exam

What are 2 advantages of exposing students with autism to the concept of matching stimuli.

1) Rapid acquisition of complex behaviors. It is next to impossible to teach, through shaping of successive approximations, the complex behaviors needed to function in society. Other individuals serve as models, demonstrating the many complex behaviors of typical individuals.

2) It promises the maintenance of the student's behaviors after treatment is terminated.

What is the significance of the “hands quiet” strategy? Why is it important to teach this strategy to students?

The significance of this strategy is that it helps the students focus their attention on the task being taught and reduces the impact of stimuli generated by their self simulating behaviors. It is important to teach this strategy to children because it is a great way to help them self regulate. It can give them the power of being in charge of their success and making sure they stay on the right focus.

Provide an explanation of how shaping can be used to teach a specific behavior.

Shaping is a useful technique in human learning. For example, if a father wants his daughter to learn to clean her room, he can use shaping to help her master steps toward the goal. First, she cleans up one toy and is rewarded. Second, she cleans up five toys; then chooses whether to pick up ten toys or put her books and clothes away; then cleans up everything except two toys. Through a series of rewards, she finally learns to clean her entire room.

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Operant Conditioning: Shaping