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A special message from WCHE Kindergarten, Collaborative, and Specials Teams

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Miss Bianca Brymer Named West Cypress Hills Teacher of the Year 2019-2020

Each year, West Cypress staff members nominate and elect their Teacher of the Year. This year, we voted Miss Bianca Brymer to be WCHE Teacher of the Year. As you might imagine from these photos, she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep her students engaged...including, but not limited to, stomping around dressed as a dinosaur.

The announcement was made by Dr. Lancaster and Mrs. Beninga during the weekly online West Cypress staff meeting. Miss Brymer's family joined the meeting so that they, too, could experience the excitement.

Miss Brymer has been teaching Kindergarten classes at West Cypress Hills Elementary for 4 years. She is a creative and energetic educator who is greatly loved by all of our students and staff members. She is also in charge of our school yearbook.

For those who may not be acquainted with Miss Brymer, in 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Texas State University. She enjoys building relationships with our community. In her free time, Miss Brymer loves designing t-shirts and other creative gifts, painting, paper crafts, and photography. She also seems to enjoy being a "Brymasaurus Rex" from time to time.

Please join us in congratulating Miss Bianca Brymer, West Cypress Hills Teacher of the Year 2019-2020!

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Mrs. Dunn's Art Challenge -- Submissions due by May 4!

Draw, paint, or sculpt a picture of your favorite pet or animal. Don’t be afraid to change the color, texture, or shapes. Mrs. Dunn will pick one from each grade level and submit it to Tiger Talk for everyone to see.

Artwork needs to be emailed to Mrs. Dunn by May 4, 2020. Please be sure to include your name, teacher, and grade level in the email. Good luck! Mrs. Dunn cannot wait to see your creations!

Here’s her Grizzly!

Our Online Book Fair is Open! Have Fun Shopping!!!!

Shop the WCHE Jungle Book Fair Online April 27 - May 10

Since you cannot come to shop at school, we're bringing the store home to you. Shop from the convenience of home 24/7! All orders ship directly to your home.

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Grading, Class Ranking, Promotion/Retention Standards for Online Learning

Dear Lake Travis ISD Parents and Guardians,

On March 25, 2020, the Texas Education Agency provided school districts with guidance on grading during school closures resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, TEA officials noted that districts may temporarily modify grading policies to account for providing instruction in a distance learning format, emphasizing that evaluation of student work, assignment of grades and award of credit be applied fairly and consistently. Furthermore, the agency indicated that modified policies must focus on students’ demonstrated proficiency in the essential knowledge and skills for each course.

The following day, we officially launched our LTISD Online Learning platform for all students in grades PK-12. We will continue to provide online instruction until the date in which our district resumes normal operations or until the end of the 2019-2020 school year, whichever is earlier. To support this unprecedented endeavor, certain temporary modifications to the District’s current instructional grading and promotion/retention requirements were needed in order to alleviate academic pressure on students and facilitate the most equitable transition to online learning. During tonight’s school board meeting, our trustees authorized me to make these temporary modifications, specifically to board policies EI(LOCAL), EIA(LOCAL), EIC(LOCAL), and EIE(LOCAL).

The modifications to these board policies allow me to implement administrative guidelines that address grading, calculation of class rank, and promotion/retention standards. These guidelines will remain in effect until the completion of the 2019-2020 school year, whether or not we resume normal operations. I ask that you take a moment to review the guidelines which are attached to this correspondence. The guidelines are also posted under the ‘Online Learning’ section of our LTISD website at www.ltisdschools.org/covid19.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support during this time as we work to best meet the needs of our students. Should you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or school principal directly.


Brad Lancaster, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

LTISD Operations, LTHS Graduation Ceremony, Retrieving Personal Belongings

Dear Lake Travis ISD Staff, Parents and Guardians,

As you may already know, Governor Greg Abbott earlier today announced the “opening of Texas” will begin to occur in various stages. However, he also indicated all public and private schools will remain closed through the remainder of the current school year. Please note, the current school year will not be extended into the summer.

While LTISD buildings and facilities will remain closed, we will continue to engage our students through our online learning platform. We will also continue to provide essential operations as needed including grab and go meals, cleaning and custodial services, and other critical functions. As we have done throughout the closure, all district employees will continue to be paid, and I fully expect our employees to continue to be paid next year as well.

Additionally, the governor’s order results in the cancellation of all LTISD events scheduled through Friday, May 22, our final day of instruction for the current school year. These cancelled events include our Lake Travis High School graduation ceremony originally scheduled to be held Friday, May 22 at Cavalier Stadium. Instead, LTHS staff will provide a virtual ceremony for our seniors and their families on Friday, May 22, and plans are in progress for an alternate graduation event to be held in person on Saturday, August 1 at the HEB Center at Cedar Park.

I know you have many questions regarding the return of school-issued items such as books, uniforms, technology devices and other materials, the pickup of personal belongings, and the status of summer school, camps and other such programs. I will be hosting another Facebook Live event late next week where I will attempt to answer these and other questions. Additional details for the event will be shared with you next week.

In the meantime, I ask for your continued patience, flexibility and support. Please know I will keep you updated with any developments. I wish you and your family much health during this time.


Brad Lancaster, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Student Placement Forms Are Due May 11!

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Getting Ready for the 2020-2021 School Year

At this time of year, we begin winding down the current school year at the same time that we begin winding up for the upcoming school year. One of the most important tasks we complete at the end of the school year is to plan for the most suitable placement of our students in the most appropriate classrooms for the upcoming school year. With this goal in mind, we ask for your input now.

In making class assignments, our goal is to place each child in a class in which he or she can be most successful while maintaining a balance among classes in terms of gender, academic ability, disciplinary and social needs, learning styles, and individual needs of the students. All information shared is confidential and submitted electronically to your 2020-2021 elementary school.

We hope to make classroom assignments that will maximize the opportunity for your child’s success. If you have information that you would like to have considered in your child’s placement, please complete your 2020-2021 school's form no later than May 11, 2020. Please limit your input to the way your child learns and special needs that we should consider. We will do our best to honor your feedback. Please bear in mind that staffing and staff assignments for next year have not yet been finalized. Thus, we are unable to honor requests for specific teachers.

West Cypress Hills Class Placement Input Due May 11

If your child(ren) will be attending school at West Cypress Hills Elementary in the next school year, please complete the West Cypress class placement form.

Rough Hollow Class Placement Input Due May 11

If your child(ren) will be attending school at Rough Hollow Elementary in the next school year, please complete the Rough Hollow class placement form.

2020-2021 West Cypress School Supply Kits and Supply Lists

Thanks to our fabulous West Cypress PTO, supplies for WCHE Tigers can be ordered online from schoolkidz at your convenience! The online prepackaged grade level supplies can be ordered until June 12, 2020. If you purchase your WCHE student school supplies online, the supplies will be delivered to the West Cypress Hills Elementary before the first day of school. Grade appropriate kits are available to order online now. Click here and use account #79519 to view the kits.

We also have lists of the school supplies for WCHE 2020-2021 so that, if you prefer, you can purchase the supplies on your own from any source convenient to you. Feel free to drop off the school supplies that you've purchased at our Meet the Teacher event in August.

*3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students also need to have student planners for the 2020-2021 school year. These are sold separately from the prepackaged supply kits. Planners cost $6 each. We can accept cash or checks payable to WCHE. Planners can be purchased at the school during the Meet the Teacher Event or from the front desk any time on or after the first day of school.

2020-2021 School Supplies for Rough Hollow Elementary School

Each LTISD elementary school campus usually posts information about their school supplies on their websites and in their school newsletters. If your child(ren) will be attending Rough Hollow Elementary for the 2020-2021 school year, the RHE school supply lists will be posted soon in an upcoming Rough Hollow newsletter.

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PTO's Parent Mixer Auction Will Now Be an Online Auction May 15 - 21!

As you all know, we had to cancel our PTO Parent Mixer that was scheduled for the end of March. The PTO had already collected some AMAZING items from local businesses and beyond and were planning on an auction the night of the mixer. However, since we were unable to do that, our fabulous PTO is holding an online auction next month. Yay!

Proceeds from this auction will go toward the support of our students and teachers, both at WCHE and RHE.

We know this is a really weird time for all of you, but we hope to come together to raise money for a good cause. In addition, the local businesses especially need our patronage right now more than ever!

More details to come soon...

To Follow Principal Beninga on Twitter

Melanie Beninga provides info, photos, and updates via Twitter, too. If not already following Melanie Beninga in Twitter, you can follow her @principalwch and @mbeninga.

More News from Sheila White, WCHE School Counselor!

As our students continue to do a tremendous job in remote learning, and our teachers continue to engage and interact with their classes virtually, please know that I am also available to support families during this time. Should your family need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone at (512) 533-7589.

Please explore the following counseling resources for students and parents.

Resources For Students:

Resources for Parents:

  • 24/7 Helpline 512-472- (HELP) - Integral Care’s 24/7 Helpline provides around the clock crisis support as well as access to all of our programs and services for adults and children, including appointments and billing. Our team is here to help. We’ll listen to you and care about you, support you without judgment, and provide immediate support in a mental health crisis.

Notify the Classroom Teacher if Your Child Needs LTISD Technology for Class

Teacher Office Hour Schedule

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Resources from our Librarians

Our school Librarian, Cathy Seidenberger, with other LTISD elementary district librarians have created a Schoology group which contains books, stories, resources, links, and more in every subject area. Your child has been added as a member of this group.

To reach the library group, after logging into Schoology using your child's login, please click the "GROUPS" tab at the top of the page and select "LTISD Elementary Libraries Online.

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More Fun Resources for Tigers from our Lake Travis Community Library

Although the Lake Travis Community Library building is closed at this time, our West Cypress Tigers are not forgotten. Anyone who lives in Texas can get a library card online here, free of charge. If you have questions about the resources available to us while the library building is closed, feel free to contact them by text @ 512-643-2802 or by email.

And, while the Bookmobile visits to our neighborhood are unavailable, now you can craft your own family bookmobile. The Lake Travis Community Library has very kindly provided the DIY LTCL Bookmobile cutout shown below. Enjoy!

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Who are these masked superheroes?

Behind the masks left to right: Melanie Beninga, Rachel Stewart, and Corinne Stewart

Student Health Services

Monday, March 23, Lake Travis ISD staff began providing free meals to children 0-18 years of age. Packaged breakfast and lunch are available for pickup together between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. at each of our three middle school campuses:

Meals are provided in drive-through fashion at the bus drop-off location at each middle school campus. Parents do not need to exit their vehicle. As of March 26, the US Department of Agriculture allows school districts to serve meals to a parent or guardian without his/her children having to be present in the vehicle. However, there are guidelines parents and guardians must follow. Guided by the USDA, the Texas Department of Agriculture requires the parent or guardian to present validation of their children with any one (1) of the following options:

  1. Official letter/email/electronic school application from the school listing the indiviudal child's current enrollment
  2. Report card for each individual child
  3. Attendance record from parent portal of the school website, printed or electronic, for each individual child
  4. School ID of each individual child

Please note, hot meals are not provided. Instead, meals consist of packaged cereals, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, fruit juice, milk and/or water.

While some of you may be eager to volunteer your time and services during our meal pickup, we must keep in mind and adhere to local and state restrictions limiting public gatherings. Our outstanding food service department has this under control. We sincerely appreciate your concern and willingness to help.

For more information, visit the Coronavirus section on the Lake Travis ISD website, or email foodservice@ltisdschools.org.

Yearbooks are a great way to remember the school year.

The 2019-2020 edition of the WCHE yearbook is still available for purchase through May 1.

Order at your convenience at Balfour on line. Once in the Balfour site, enter "West Cypress Hills" as the school name and then select "yearbook." Orders may be be placed by phone, too, at 1-800-944-5930.

And, if you are wondering if you have already purchased our 2019-2020 yearbook, please contact Ms. Brymer. She will be happy to respond by email to let you know.

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Information Concerning Class and Spring Individual Photos

Wondering what happened to our class and spring individual photos that were taken February 20? No worries! The class photos you ordered are safe and secure at the school. We will notify you when we can make them available for pick up/delivery.

Lifetouch has made the individual spring student photos available for viewing and ordering online this year. You can view the instructions here and well as in the snapshot shown below. Individual photo packages ordered from Lifetouch will be delivered to your home directly from Lifetouch.

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Field Trip Updates

In order to keep our Tigers sheltered safely at home, all of our spring field trips planned for March through May are canceled. Some of our first and fourth graders' families had already paid for their field trips and may, therefore, be concerned about the funds turned in to teachers before we realized that the field trips could not take place.

Please rest assured that we have deposited your payments, have recorded your payments, and have a record of the resulting credit balance of each family.

And, we have plans to ensure that you receive full credit for your payment(s.)

  • For students returning to West Cypress Hills Elementary School for the 2020-2021 school year, the credit balance due your family for West Cypress Hills' canceled field trips will be applied toward the purchase price of West Cypress Hills classroom t-shirts and/or field trips that take place during the 2020-2021 school year.
  • For students who are not attending West Cypress Hills Elementary School during the 2020-2021 school year, a refund check will be issued to your family by West Cypress Hills Elementary School by the end of the school year.

Upcoming Events

By 05/04/20..........Email your Entries for Mrs. Dunn's Art Challenge - Due by Today!

By 05/11/20..........2020-2021 Class Placement Input Due! WCHE or RHE

By 06/12/20..........2020-2021 School Supply Kits Available for Order Online

04/27 - 05/10/20.....Shop the WCHE Jungle Book Fair Online from Home!

05/01/20..................School Lunch Hero Day

05/01/20..................Last Day to Order your 2019-20 Yearbook Online

05/01 - 05/31/20......National PE & Sports Month

05/04 - 05/08/20......Teacher Appreciation Week & School Nutrition Employee Week

05/06/20..................National School Nurses' Day

05/06/20..................Public School Paraprofessional Day

05/11/20..................2020-2021 Class Placement Information Form is Due

05/15 - 05/21/20......PTO Online Auction to Support WCHE & RHE