America is...

A Starting Point

America is a starting point

The statement America is a starting point is clear throughout history. To come to America has been almost everyone's dream. Immigrants from all over the world have heard of "The American Dream" and have always wanted to experience it. America gets people started, starting from jobs, people came to America in order to get work, to give them opportunity to start a new life.
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I feel as if it was a race for every immigrant to hurry and get to America. They did not care how they got there or what they had to do in order to get there, all that people wanted was to get into America. They wanted the "American Dream" to happen to them, they wanted a better life, they wanted more opportunities, they wanted a fresh start where their voice mattered. So the track represents the race for people to get to America, the words just represent how America was a starting point and what immigrants were wishing for.
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