Cub Chronicle: Parent Edition

April Newsletter

What our cubs are Learning

Content Areas

Pre-K 4


-onset and rime blends

-blending of spoken phonemes to form one syllable words (/c/ /a/ /t/ = cat)

-rhyming (words ending in the same sound).

ELA – Review all letters

SLA – Review all letters ,

Word Families- ill,ip,ob,ell,

WWW- at/y, can/esta, do/en, am/tu, me/ya, go, no/soy


-measuring and comparing heights and weight.\

-location words

-recognizing how much of something can be placed within a object. (capacity)

Social Studies/SEL

-Tattling vs Reporting

-Participate in voting


-Relationship between organisms to their environments.

Pre-K 3



- Letters, Sounds,

- Rhyming (words ending in the same sound)

- Predictions

- Parts of a book

- Segmenting syllables

- Review all uppercase and letters + sounds


-continue working on addition and subtraction using concrete models, creating pictorial models, and sharing word problems for adding up to 5 objects.

- fair sharing (division up to 10 objects)

Social Studies/SEL

-money and consumerism

-needs vs. wants by demonstrating that all people need food, clothing, and shelter


n Living and non-living organisms

n Life cycles of organisms

Specials' Corner


Spring has sprung everyone! We will be working on our Field Day activities and jump roping. My virtual students will need a jump rope or something similar. My in person students do not have to worry about that, but I would like to be outside as much as possible! Please make sure students wear comfortable clothing for their P.E. weeks. Plan for tennis shoes and athletic clothes for the rest of the year! Thank you so much for your help!


This month we will be using our voice, musical instruments, and physical movement to improvise and create new music and patterns. We will also explore and learn about animals, insects, plants and people relating to music.


This month in art we will continue to learn about color families. We will learn about the cool color family: blue, green, and purple. We will learn about the warm color family: red, yellow, and orange. We will learn about the rainbow color family: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Your student(s) will need a piece of paper, the colors listed above, and their black marker every day.

Health Spot

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Student Health & Safety

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  • Lets talk about FLU SEASON; the best defense is to VACCINATE! Annual influenza vaccination is the best protection against influenza and is recommended in the United States for all people >6 months. Influenza vaccines reduced complications from illness, pediatric influenza A- associated hospitalizations, and Emergency Department visits.

    Also, if your child has turned 4, don't forget to get those vaccines. This will get them ready for KINDERGARTEN 2021-2022!

  • Please provide 3 changes of clothes for students daily. Please refer to the district's toileting policy provided by your classroom teacher for more information.
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To find more information regarding GPISD's protocols & procedures during COVID-19, please visit

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Counselor's Corner

Hello Crockett Cub Family,

We are Mrs. Lopez, your School Counselor and Ms. Gaines, your Social-Emotional Learning Counselor. It is truly a pleasure to support all the children and families at Crockett EES. We actively work to provide our students weekly guidance lessons, individual counseling sessions, and various virtual parent education classes. If your child is in need of any social-emotional support, please fill out the counselor consultation form. The form can be found by clicking the following link:


Our vision is for all of our young learners at Crockett Early Education School to develop fundamental skills; academically, socially and emotionally at an early age so that they can succeed and find their unique and individual passion in life.


Our mission is to support our School District’s youngest learners in reaching their highest potential socially, emotionally and academically. We provide students and families with a counseling program that addresses skills and techniques that foster social, emotional, and academic growth to all children to prepare them for school readiness.

This month, the students will be learning about how to be kind within their community. Building community is important because students learn and grow best when they feel welcome, accepted, and connected to others. In this unit, students will learn what it means to belong to a community and discuss how community members should treat one another. They'll also explore what makes their class a community.

To start the conversation about community at home, ask your child:

  • What it means to belong.
  • What it means to be a community.
  • Which communities or groups to which your family belongs.

Mark your calendars!

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1: PK 3 Registration

1-19: Pennies for Patients Campaign.

1: Early Release 12:10pm

2: No School- District Holiday

5: PK 4 Registration

14:Title I Meeeting. @ 8:30 am Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad

14: PACT “Transitioning from Pre-K Dual Language to Kindergarten" @ 9am (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad) or Follow us on Facebook for the Live Presentation)

16: PACT “Building a win-win relationship with your child" @ 9am (english) and @1 pm (spanish) (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

21: PACT “Nature Tots” @ 9am (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad) or Follow us on Facebook for the Live Presentation) Nature Tots is a hands-on, interactive activity that focuses on using nature, senses and observation to support natural learning for younger children.


  • Please remember to send a note to school with your child excusing their absence upon his or her return to school.
  • Don't forget that 3 tardies equals 1 absence. The tardy bell rings at 8:10a!
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