2015-16 SPES FUND ENDS ON MAY 15th

...BIG THANKS to those who have contributed to our children


When the school year began in August 2015, we realized that the local economy would impact every aspect of our school year. We understand, and are all e
experiencing, the current economic climate. However, SPES has vowed to continue offering our students an exemplary Catholic education at an affordable level despite any economic restraints.

In January we presented a Matching Funds Challenge for several of our grade levels. Generous benefactors pledged a dollar-for-dollar challenge up to $2500 per grade level. With THE SPES FUND scheduled to close on May 15th, the following grades have met and exceeded their challenges: 1st GRADE with $2532.23 donated and 3rd GRADE with $2524.16 donated.

Our 8th grade CLASS OF 2016 did not have a $2500 challenge but parents have generously donated $2650.00

We are still hopeful that in the next week the following grade levels with $2500 challenges will meet their goal so that we can collect every possible penny of matching funds: 2nd GRADE (currently at $13033.35 in donations), 4th GRADE (currently at $1685.84 in donations), 5th GRADE (currently at $2273.83 in donations), 6th GRADE (currently at $2184.99 in donations) and 7th GRADE (currently at $1836.67 in donations).

Though our PreK and Kindergarten levels did not have "challenge matches," they have supported THE SPES FUND with $702.50 and $1657.50 contributions respectively.