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Mukwonago Moves ON! Year II - Carol. M. White PEP Grant

Mukwonago Area School District celebrates the excitement of Year #2 of the Carol M. White PEP (Physical Education Program) Grant. Students can expect to see the following additions to their PE programs in their schools:

1. Continued testing of motor skills, Fitnessgram testing, Youth Risk Behavior Survey one fruit and vegetable consumption, and activity tracking using pedometers.

2. More SPARK ( Sports, Physical Activity and Recreation for Kids) activities in class.

3. The introduction of Focused Fitness "Five for Life" curriculum, a physical literacy curriculum for movement and nutrition.

4. Continued PE Staff development, exposing MASD PE Teachers to new and innovative ideas.

5. The new PVMS Fitness Center will open in September

6. More Mukwonago Moves activities and programming for the health and fitness of our students.


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PVMS Fitness Center

Beginning this fall, the students of Park View Middle School will be the first to try out the new fitness center in physical education class. The facility, which was created in an existing classroom, will house both cardiovascular and functional strength exercise equipment purchased through PEP Grant Funds. The Mukwonago School District was awarded the prestigious Physical Education Grant (PEP) from the U.S. Department of Education in 2014, to improve the K-12 physical education program. A portion of PEP Grant monies were used to purchase all fitness equipment to meet the Wisconsin State Standards in Physical Education.

The fitness center will add a third teaching station to allow each physical education teacher to meet separately with their classes while making improvements in the physical education curriculum. The new curriculum will align more congruently with the Wisconsin State Standards in Physical Education. Students will have a chance to work individually on their personal fitness goals in regard to cardiovascular strength training and functional strength conditioning (as opposed to strength training with weights) under the direction of their physical education teacher.

The new equipment includes cardiovascular training treadmills, elliptical machines, and several types of user-friendly exercise bikes specifically made for lower ages and abilities. The strength training equipment includes both functional training machines, and suspension training systems which condition the body to carry out more “everyday moves”. Students use the equipment to perform exercises like squatting, pushing, pulling, and lifting using correct body alignment to strengthen core muscles and prevent injuries. PEP Grant Coordinator, Nancy Movrich, is excited for her students to begin training, “The suitability of this training is age and body size appropriate and is enormous for developing health-related physical fitness. Regardless of their fitness level every student will benefit because they can work at their own pace”. Functional training is also a great lead-up for the strength and conditioning programs offered in the high school curriculum.

All students will have a chance to meet regularly in the new fitness center and develop their personal fitness goals, for healthy living or for skill-specific fitness improvement.

Focused Fitness - Five for Life, Bringing literacy to Physical Education!

PE teachers at MASD participated in a workshop this summer to further enhance their vision of physical education for the future. The Focused Fitness, "FIve for Life" program was introduced in a two-day workshop by Focused Fitness Trainer, Adam Marshall, of Spokane, Washington. "Five For Life" is a wide spectrum of programs which cover the four content areas of physical education: academic health and fitness, motor skills, nutrition, social and emotional growth. The Focused Fitness programs are research based and align with National, State and Common Core standards.

Focused Fitness Training is designed to guide teachers to align the Wisconsin State Standards for Physical Education into their classes, incorporate health and nutrition standards into the curriculum without losing beneficial active minutes of class time, and guide teachers through the curriculum resources.

All PE teachers will receive additional training in November while participating in the Sports, Physical Activity, and Recreation for Kids (SPARK) training. The staff will also have a chance to receive more training at the Wisconsin Health and Physical Education Conference (WHPE) on October 29-30, 2015, and the Sports Health and Physical Education Conference (SHAPE) in Minneapolis on April 5-9, 2016.

All funding is provided from the PEP Grant.

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PEP Grant Testing for 2015-16

Students will be tested this year for PEP Grant purposes. The following Government Records and Performance Act (GRPA) tests are mandatory for funding purposes:

1. The Youth Presidential Fitness Test (FITNESSGRAM).

2. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) on fruit and vegetable consumption.

3. The Pedometer/3DPAR activity tracker test



Elementary - October 5 – November 20

Secondary-September 8 – October 2


Elementary -February 22- April 15

Secondary - January 11 – February 19

For more specific dates and information please contact your building PE teacher.

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Do YOU know these fitness terms?

Speaking of literacy in physical education, the above photo contains a list of some common physical education terms and concepts that all middle school students should know nearing the end of their 8th grade year. Can you define them?

100 Mile Summer Club keeps student activity moving all summer!

The 100 Mile Summer Club was established to keep MASD students moving all summer. Students purchased a pedometer and started logging in their summer daily steps. 10,000 steps per day is recommended by the Sports,Health and Physical Education Association (SHAPE) and American Heart Association (AHA) to keep up an active lifestyle. Students who logged 100 miles over the summer were eligible to have their name submitted in a drawing for a Fitbit. Over 300 students participated in the program with one lucky winner! Congratulations to Zoey from Section School. Zoey will take home the Fitbit.

Pictured with Zoey are Section School Principal, Bob Slane and Physical Education Teacher, Mickey Neumann.

PVMS Fitness Center Opens

PVMS PE Teachers, Tom Werth, Josh Korth, Ashley Uecker, Nancy Movrich and MASD Administrators, Ron Schlicht, Mary Koski, Mark Doome and Lee Libecki attend the opening of the Park View Fitness Center.
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