A trait we all need and luckily have!

Curiosity: Inquisitive thinking

Leads to:




It helps you catch interest

Curiosity gets you interested and helps dedicate to learning like in a way it did with Albert Einstein. Curiosity led him to discovering brownian motion, photoelectric effect, special relativity, mass-energy equivalence and e=mc2 and more.

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Why is this trait important

Curiosity is important because it donsent just help you dedicate to learning but also it helps you learn from mistakes that curiusity led you to.

For example: If a child clibs up a later because of curiosity and falls he will learn from that experience and take more precaution the next time.

Ways to teach curiosity

  • As a person of authority say "nice question" that will lead the other person to want to ask more and become a more curiose person.
  • tell a story without the ending.
  • right coloboration at the right time.
  • diverse and unpredicteble content.

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